Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

March 24, 2014

BrickFest a no go for May

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — This year’s version of BrickFest, as it has been known from the beginning, has been called off for the time being.

Not totally removed from the equation, it was recently announced by Main Street Pauls Valley Director Lindsey Temple that there simply wasn’t enough time left to prepare so it could be held it in its usual early May timeslot. Factors like only having a matter of weeks before that time and considering results of attendance and participation that were disappointing for the past few years, made it much easier to go back to the drawing board before trying again.

“We felt at this time the past several years, it has been a broken event in our eyes,” said Temple. “We don’t feel it’s good if we as Main Street build upon something not up to par... We really have to see what our community says about that.”

However, the plan is to still try and pick a new date, with options on when to move it under discussion by the MSPV board. The possibilities could include a new date later in the summer, though that is seen as still a busy or hot weather period with other options including some time in the fall.

Some of the concerns Temple has heard in talking with people around town so far is that having things focused down toward the Santa Fe Depot might be taking too much attention away from the businesses located further away. As a result one suggestion has been to take up more of Paul Avenue itself, especially since US Highway 77 can no longer be closed for events as it was early on.

Temple has her own experiences of early BrickFest growing up and understands why it is important to take the event back to its roots. That’s why they are working even now to try and pack the event better than it has and reach numbers into the thousands as it was previously.

 “Keeping with our new and improved theme... it’s under that umbrella,” said Temple. “We absolutely want to have it.”

The end goal is to try and bring back that sense that there will be something for everyone, from the art minded crowd to incorporating something like a car show. They are working on applying for entertainment grants and seeing if they can get acts that are recognized statewide and in the meantime there will also be a chance to create smaller events for the town to participate in.

Temple stated they will still need plenty of community support including volunteer hours when the event does take place. She reiterated her sentiment that if people have ideas they don’t have to be a business owner to share them and that she welcomes them to share them any time.

“They really love it and they don’t want to see it go away,” said Temple. “They have a great memory of BrickFest and we want to continue it.”

The next Main Street board meeting is Monday, April 14th at 5:30 at their office (corner of Paul and Walnut Streets) where BrickFest’s future and other topics will be discussed. Temple can be reached at the Main Street office by calling 405-238-2555 or through e-mail at