Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

August 22, 2013

Rally on for man’s best friend

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — Man’s best friend, or in one case a Pauls Valley-Wynnewood area youngster’s new friend, needs a real helping hand from animal lovers all over.

The dog, affectionately known as Bulls-eye because of her distinctive look, was badly hurt with past injuries when Jade Potts, a 9-year-old fourth-grader at the local Lee Elementary, recently found the animal.

Now Jade and her mom Christine are hoping to ignite a crusade to help the dog get the kind of help she needs to properly heal up and then to find a new home.

“I thought it was a big dead bunny,” Jade said about finding the dog on Aug. 11 heaped over next to her family’s barn east of Wynnewood.

“I went down there to see what it was and saw that it was a dog,” she said.

“The dog jumped up and was wagging its tail. It had the eye of a bull, so that’s what we called it Bulls-eye.”

Within seconds after finding the dog they discovered it had suffered some pretty bad injuries in the not too distant past.

Although Bulls-eye is getting the right attention now, Jade and her mom say more is needed soon.

Plans are to later organize fundraisers through Jade’s Girl Scout troop here in Pauls Valley.

For now they hope dog lovers all around the area will once again come to the rescue of a hurt dog.

“Maybe the Valley can rally around this little dog,” Christine said.

“People need to remember we have an animal shelter out there,” she said. “We need to support it, and hopefully we will support this dog. We’re trying to do what we can to help her.”

One injury for Bulls-eye is described as a gash that started under the dog’s ear and continued down its neck.

“It was gashed open under her ear and kept going down her neck,” Christine said.

The other injury was a 4-inch straight gash down the dog’s back.

Neither of the injuries were new as the dog was kept overnight and cleaned up before getting checked out by local veterinarian Dr. Carolyn Williams.

There’s some definite sadness for Jade and even Christine because they simply can’t keep Bulls-eye. That’s because they already have three other dogs and three cats to go along with a few other animals.

“We have six rescues, all with special needs, that live out at our house anyway and our kitty fund is empty, so we can’t keep her,” Christine said.

“We weren’t sure if it was a drop or a stray,” she said. “We struggled with it a lot to take her to the shelter.”

The dog was taken to Pauls Valley’s animal shelter located just south of PV on Airport Road east of U.S. Highway 77.

The dog had what Christine called “pretty intense surgery, pretty old injuries and tons of stitches.”

She praises Williams for providing the dog with surgery and the animal shelter staff for helping the dog while it heals.

“It’s the sweetest dog ever. I think they fell in love with her immediately,” Christine said about the shelter staff.

“I’m proud of them for taking her in,” she said. “It’s great they took her in and did all this for her. They could have easily put it down, but instead they’re trying to get her healthy.

“We’re torn up we couldn’t help her but she’s in good hands.

“She has several weeks of healing before we can find her a home.”

Anyone wanting to help can contact the animal shelter at 405-238-1303.