Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

September 17, 2013

Job fair a boost for seekers, employers

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — Whether one needed a boost toward a career path or was on the hunt to find those interested in employment, the recent Garvin County Job Fair provided another year where those asked on both sides felt satisfied.

Providing a steady flow at Pauls Valley’s Higher Ground Church were those like Marina Ingram, who was hoping to join her husband, who prepared her resume, soon in the job market.

She has been learning her way around the community since moving here around Christmas and hopes to teach again after becoming familiar with the school districts in the area.

“Instead of going to all these places it would be a good shortcut,” said Ingram, noting how she had only heard about the fair that day before dropping by. “It’s not overwhelming, it’s kind of cozy.”

Twin brothers Ryan and Bryan Garza used the event to try and find something more stable as both had been unemployed around a couple of months.

After hearing about the fair, they came in from nearby Tatums and saw an advertisement for the event on a poster.

For others like Javonta Wright, finding employment soon was certainly an immediate concern as it meant supporting his child, who was only born a little less than two weeks ago. He was joined by his sister Jasmine and both seemed interested in the possibility of the National Guard or the Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

“It’s actually pretty nice,” said Wright, impressed by the number of companies to choose from. “A lot of useful information.”

On the booth side of things, Lisa Leming felt the atmosphere of candidates had actually improved from the first time she came.

An RN through the V.A. residential home in Sulphur, she was on the lookout for prospective caregivers and noted how even some of their clients come from this area.

“We had some good turnout,” said Leming. “It’s a bit better than last year.”

Some individuals like Linda Fox did not have a booth, but were just as interested in talking with everyone who had one there to see what they had to offer for people with disabilities.

She was there on the behalf of the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services as a job placement specialist and felt there was quite a few opportunities available for those she serves, who can still work but have special needs to be met.

“I’ve met a lot of good local employers,” said Fox.

“I think they’re genuinely trying to represent their companies.”