Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

October 10, 2013

Hospital financials lead routine meeting

Ezra Mann
Pauls Valley Democrat — This week’s city of Pauls Valley meetings like the PV Hospital Authority dealt with mostly routine issues, but there was progress reported when it came to the main reasons why a suitor like Mercy, post due diligence, has not made an offer.

Leading the way on issues dealing with Pauls Valley General Hospital was an update by CEO Bridgette Cosby, noting how the financial audit for the first two of the three years previously unaudited is expected to be done in as soon as a week.

There will still be time needed to tackle 2013 so far, but it was enough accomplished to move forward on paying Maxwell Healthcare Consultant a total of $9,500 to handle auditing for their cost reports.

Cosby noted how Hospice will need to join that auditing process soon, after being contacted by the state, with their own audits not having been taken care of since 2004.

Dealing with another matter separately, PVGH Human Resources specialist Kari Kuykendall brought before the council the possibility that the medical facility’s attendance bonuses for employees might be something to discontinue.

She pointed out how the main reason was the system that awarded monetary benefits to those who did not use sick days was in some ways unfairly determined and as those with more years earned a larger bonus and was hard to track if someone used a sick day or not.

Hospital Trustee Patrick Grimmett stated that the time might not be appropriate to discontinue it as it was something that acts as an incentive to hospital employees.

It was later recommended to Kuykendall that a across the board reward be considered for all employees instead and later approach the authority with something readjusted.

At the city council meeting a decision was made to unanimously approve the transfer of ownership of the howitzer located in Wacker Park near the senior citizens center to the 75th Fires Brigade of the U.S. Army.

Speaking on the subject, City Manager James Frizell noted how a group stationed out of Ft. Sill in Lawton had expressed interest in acquiring decommissioned piece of military equipment and was not seen as a problem since it was originally a gift by the National Guard station that long ago was shut down in the community.

He added how the area where the item sits could be utilized for needed parking and while there is no immediate date set for departure, the group interested will transport it at a later date.

With Mayor Gary Alfred absent from the meetings, other issues of note included:

• Unanimous approval of a $1,500 tourism funding request for the Pauls Valley High School Band’s 4th annual marching band championship, as recommended by the PV Tourism Board.

• An unanimous approval of the lower of two submitted bids for a new street sweeper for the city of Pauls Valley.

• A 2-0 vote in favor of moving the no trucks signs, located south of Walmart on Indian Meridian Road, to 525 feet south to a point just north of the Rush Creek Bridge, as requested in an address by Pauls Valley citizen Jonathan Grimmett. Councilman Patrick Grimmett abstained.

• Unanimous approval of closing Rennie Street from Willow to the alley for First United Methodist Church’s Trunk or Treat on Thursday, Oct. 31.

• Unanimous approval of a $1,000 tourism funding request for the PV Opry for sponsorship as recommended by the PV Tourism Board.

• No action taken upon termination of management services agreement with SSM Oklahoma.