Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

November 6, 2012

Murder case gets killer's own words

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — By his own words a Pauls Valley man says he doesn't remember pulling the trigger when he killed a mother and her son in execution style murders late last year.

Those words come from David Bryan Kelly, 20, in statements given to authorities about the brutal gunshot murders of both Mary Ott, 58, and Shawn Ott, 34, nearly a year ago at their homes near Pauls Valley.

Even without an apparent sentencing agreement with prosecutors Kelly pleaded guilty this past summer to using a rifle to kill two individuals he called friends for more than a decade.

A pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report filed in Garvin County District Court shows Kelly claims he doesn't remember what happened when the Otts were brutally killed on Dec. 14, 2011 in their separate mobile homes on the same property near Klondike and Airline roads southwest of Pauls Valley.

Kelly told agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation he did shoot Shawn Ott several times in the head before killing Karen Ott as she was in bed watching television.

He also claimed it was at first a blur as he blacked out after getting high on methamphetamine, “weed and El Deoblo” and drinking Everclear while at one of the victim's homes.

When he woke up Kelly claimed to be in Karen Ott's house, where he drank a glass of apple juice before placing the glass in a sink.

“On my way back is when I noticed the gun on the table, didn't think nothing at all till I saw Karen,” he said, according to the PSI.

“So I ran to Shawn and saw him. I freaked out, panicked. I grabbed my stuff and took off, throwing the gun in the woods.”

From there Kelly claims he got a ride to a truck stop and restaurant on the south side of Pauls Valley near Interstate 35 and Airline Road. He said he woke up in his mother's local home.

When Kelly was later picked up he led Garvin County deputies to a field where a .22 caliber rifle was found on the ground. An undisclosed number of .22 caliber shell casings were also found in both mobile homes where the victims were discovered.

The PSI report shows Kelly denies having any altercation with either of the victims before the shootings.

He also claims they were all good friends, and he does not know what caused him to commit the killings that now have him facing two counts of first-degree murder.

The state probation and parole officer preparing the PSI report, John Suthers of Purcell, recommends Kelly be sentenced to a period of incarceration as determined by the court.

Tara Portillo, a prosecutor in the case, has said Kelly will receive a sentence of life in prison as the only question remains whether or not there will be the possibility of parole in future years.

Kelly is now scheduled to be formally sentenced on the homicide counts on Nov. 19.