Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

July 23, 2013

Sports club gears up for new season

Barry Porterfield
Pauls Valley Democrat — With another year of school right around the corner a group of Pauls Valley parents and students are gearing up for the Panther sports on the horizon.

PV students are helping out but its parents who are the driving force behind the Panther Athletic Club (PAC).

The club is currently hard at work getting support and selling advertisements for the Panthers’ all sports program, which is set to make its debut when the PV team hits the football field for another season.

Club members are wanting the public to know what the money being raised is going for and what the club itself does as the seasons come and go for each of the local sports teams.

Put simply that money goes back into Panther athletics and helping each team in each sport.

“This money we raise from the ads going into the program goes back to our student athletes,” said Marnie Crawford, referring to the sports program.

“We encourage businesses to support the kids,” she said. “I want people to know all the money goes back to support them.”

Crawford is one club member working with students selling ads for that program through Aug. 19.

As for the club itself, President Brent Jones says the main focus of today’s PAC is to help PV’s athletic teams with things new new uniforms and equipment.

He stresses that help goes for all the school’s sports and not just football.

“There are some misconceptions out there about PAC,” Jones said.

“We don’t only do stuff for football. We give money to all Pauls Valley sports,” he said.

All of this comes with a new direction for PAC over the past few years “as far as what we’re doing with the money and how we’re spending it.”

Some specific examples of help provided by PAC are new uniforms for softball, baseball, girls basketball, track, wrestling and the junior high and high school cheerleaders.

Then there are new warm-ups for boys basketball, tennis and the pom squad.

There have also been new road jerseys for football, along with shirts for the golf team and this past year even new shoes for students taking part in cross country.

“This came from fundraisers through PAC,” Jones said.

“We’ve also addressed some equipment needs and different things the coaches have asked for,” he said.

“The big deal here is everything we pull in, we’re not making any money, everything goes back to the kids.

“Everyone is spending a ton of time to help the kids. All the money goes back to them.”

Another push by PAC is to get more people involved, which Jones stressed ultimately allows the club to do more things for the Panther teams.

“I want to get more people involved in PAC,” he said.

“We need parents to get involved to be able to do more things. If we are able to do more things we can give more back to our sports teams.”

Anyone wanting to know more about PAC are invited to show up for its regular meetings at 5:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month in the high school library. The next meeting is set for Aug. 7.