Pauls Valley, OK, Pauls Valley Democrat

September 19, 2013

Big game for county rivals

Mike Arie
Pauls Valley Democrat — It will be a big Friday night in the Valley as rival Lindsay comes to town. To make things more interesting it’s homecoming for Pauls Valley which means the stands will be full to over flowing.

Another thing is former Panther coach John Inman will be making his first appearance on a Pauls Valley side line since leaving the Panthers a year ago to take the helm at Lindsay.

“Some people have asked me if we made coach Inman our homecoming and I’m like absolutely not that didn’t have anything to do it,” Pauls Valley head coach Bill Green said.

“Just looking at the schedule and being out of town two games in a row and getting the game in before we started district competition being out of town the next week it was just natural place for us to play the game.”

Inman left at the end of last season after to return to the place when he had been prior to taking over at Pauls Valley.

“When I first got here one of the things the kids emphasized a lot was they want to get a little pay back and beat Lindsay,” Green said.

“We looking forward to the game and having coach Inman over there is just an added dimension to an already big rivalry of Pauls Valley and Lindsay.”

Hayden Eubank, the Leopards top running back, scored on a 4-yard scamper for a 6-0 lead over No. 1 Blanchard a week ago.

That just woke the sleeping giant as Blanchard scored 48 unanswered points for the win.

Lindsay would finish the night with only 75 yards in total offense, 38 on the ground on 27 carries and 37 through the air on 3-of-21.

“When you throw in their personal Jake Standridge their quarterback is a good-looking kid on film,” Green said.

“You throw in there what coach Inman likes to do on offense he likes to throw the ball down the field, he’s not afraid to take some shots. They have some really good receivers.

“You can play a great night of defense and have two or three breakdowns and you could be in trouble, which concerns me.”

Lindsay has given up some points on defense the first two weeks. They gave up 41 on opening weekend to Purcell and they 48 last week.

“They’ve given up a lot of points the first two weeks first to Purcell and they to the defending state champs Blanchard,” Green said.

“I think a lot of that is the fact they have a lot of young kids on defense. I think they have two seniors starting, a sophomore and a freshman and I think the rest are juniors.

“So you have to figure that they probably were starters last year but I feel they will be a playoff team by the end of the year.”

This will be a big game for both teams as they both look to get into the win column. A big crowd is expected on both sides.

The other night was really pleased with the turn out at Bethany,” Green said.

“I have a feeling with it being homecoming I’m expecting a really big crowd. I’m excited; I’m anticipating a really neat venue so to speak.

“We will be playing under the new lights that we have. It ought to be a really exciting time Friday night when we line up and go against the Leopards.”