There are many games I’d love to get another chance to play if only my schedule would allow. Then there are the rare few I enjoy so much that I curse my lack of time even more.

I have actually avoided certain games during my busiest of moments not because they weren’t worth the purchase, but because I could not afford to get hooked. As a reviewer I risk this temptation in any case and I have found yet another title that I could even pick up and get lost in even now. ‘Borderlands’ for the Xbox 360 is a sweet marriage of role playing and first person shooting that brings back that refreshed feeling for gaming.

Set on Pandora, a post apocalyptic planet, you get to dive into searching for the one tourist attraction left, a vault that may be no more than a fable. This might be easy enough if every other killer and crazed treasure hunter weren’t after the same thing.

Players get a chance to pick from one of four Characters, Roland, Lilith, Mordecai and Brick, who all have a specific skill and weapon class. You not only get a near infinite cache of weapons to choose from but enough missions to keep even the biggest sleep depraved gamer satisfied and then there’s the play you get on Xbox Live. To top it off the gameplay is smooth and it stays fresh from beginning to end.

The story itself was enough to get me initially drawn in with twisted humor thrown in at every curve. Just when you think the morbid jokes have been shelved, a scene introduction or comment after an enemy is downed brings a smile.

The only thing I did not like is a problem common with a lot of content heavy games and is that they don’t handle well if your internet is sluggish. It’s one thing to have your movement jumpy, but I knew it was going too far when my character kept jumping around a map when I didn’t even have the controller in my hands. I’ve not seen a glitch during lag as bad as this since my dial-up days.

That one problem aside, I haven’t had this much fun playing a shooter in quite some time. This game earns its mature rating so it’s also a good idea for parents to not pick this one up for the younger button mashers.

I highly recommend this for anyone who is a fan of either RPGs or FPS because it actually delivers when so many developer’s rush short playing time options to shelves. 2K Games really went all out with the ways you can customize your character and how tough you want to be. ‘Borderlands’ for the Xbox 360 is one I won’t trade in anytime soon earning five out of six toggles.

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