By Tim Smith

It really does not get any better than spending a holiday with your children, especially one that is so closely associated with their early memories, concurrently in the creation of new ones.

Halloween 2019, our oldest son and his wife joined us for the weekend, kicked off by our attendance at the launching of a new book by New York Times best selling authors Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, titled “The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek.”

The authors are You Tube icons, as witnessed by the theatre full of millennials, fans of their hugely popular program, Good Mythical Morning. It currently is the "Intenet's most watched daily talk show.." They also host a "weekly podcast titled Ear Biscuits."

Their popularity, and cultural impact, is rapidly expanding, no overnight successes, they have been laboring since '06.

Good year, '06'. That is the year this column began and (this) son graduated from college. Could there be a pattern there? Moving forward on our mythical journey.

The night before our event, Rhett and Link, (I feel like I know them), had appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Mr. Fallon had contributed the following to their book's cover jacket:

"I tore through all 324 pages of this book in one sittingand I still didn't want it to end! I would have been willing to read as many as 325 pages, or possibly 326. Though if I'm being totally honest, they probably could have stopped at 323. Either way, I loved this creative book."

The evening's "conversation," (and that was how it was billed), with the authors was a gentle mixture of their creative spirits, a sprinkling of video from their hometown, the location, (only slightly altered to protect the innocent), of the book, and just enough of their Internet craziness to satisfy their loyal followers and the few of us "baby boomers" who were there for – support.

What really struck me in a most positive way was that here were two young men who gave their audience the clear message – consistent with their on-screen presence – that it was OK to be a child and to one day, relish and simply appreciate those memories.

It is refreshing to see celebrities make that commitment, and now, their childhood has been captured on paper giving permanence to all journeys of remembrance in this digital age where today's memories are sadly gone as soon as they are sent into those good 'mystical' mornings.

Check out their other book, “Rhett & Link's Book of Mythicality,” and to make that bridge a bit easier to cross over, you may want to embrace a few of their You Tube offerings. Thanks guys, I now can share a few more of my adolescent stories with our sons, who always believed that they were just – well, myths.

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." [Source: Joseph Chilton Pearce and submitted to WAT? by one of my long time readers. Thank you].

Place your DVR @ the ready as PBS has released its Great Performances line-up for the coming season. Enjoy.

Our towns are now gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so let us, together, savor the peace and joy of the seasons.

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