By Chris Caldwell

PVHS Principal

To all Panthers: We are into our second week of school and our students, parents and faculty are catching our second wind as schedules are getting really busy.

Most of our athletes participated in “Summer Pride” and worked out three days a week at 7 a.m. in the morning. If you are out in the afternoon and noticed our athletes practicing in the park, you can see that they are accustomed to the heat that we have experienced in the month of August. (Football, Softball, and Cross Country.)

Our coaches have made sure that all athletes are hydrated and watching each athlete closely every day.

Not only have the athletes spent part of their summer preparing for the upcoming season, our band began practicing two weeks before school started and spent approximately six to eight hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Cheer has started 6 a.m. practices getting ready for Friday night football and competition. Our Pom squad will begin 6 a.m. practices in about three weeks.

It’s just a few more days, and our agriculture students will begin to show their animals, go to judging events, and getting experience in public speaking at speech contests.

Also, we plan on having our horticulture class going full speed with the operation of our remodeled greenhouse. Hopefully, they will be able to sell plants in the spring to the public for a fundraiser for our horticulture and ag programs.

Our academic team will have tryouts this week and will compete in several district meets where they have a chance to qualify for the regional and state competition. Our students have always represented our school well.

Coach Green and Coach Bailey have all of our off-season athletes working them for about an hour a day, until their sport is in season.

All of our clubs and organizations are currently having their membership drives and we encourage all students to get involved in one or more of them.

Academically, our students hit the classrooms ready to work on August 15th, with faculty excited about the new school year.

Our goal for our students in the classroom is to work hard and when it is time to play we will play hard.

Many of our juniors and seniors are taking online college classes for college credit.

What is really great about lots of our students are they take core subject classes here at the high school as electives. Classes such as Trigonometry, AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus, AP Biology, Chemistry, Forensics, Biology II, Anatomy, Physics, AP Language, AP Literature and Spanish III.

The state Department of Education requires that students in Oklahoma pass curriculum that adds up to 23 credits.

Pauls Valley School District requires that students pass curriculum that adds up to 25 credits.

Also, we have a large number of students who take advantage of Mid-America Technology where they are learning a trade if they choose not to take the college route. They can attend our vo-tech free of charge until they turn 21.

Our jobs as educators are to make sure that when our students leave PVHS they are prepared to enter the workforce, continue at a trade school or continue their education at the college level. We want them to be productive citizens.

It is so important to understand that this process begins with our K-1 program and continues through our elementary, junior high and high school programs

I recently received an email from another employee from our district that stated Pauls Valley’s School System was rated the 15th best in the state.

We are all in this together: Administrators, Faculty, Students, Parents, Maintenance Department, Transportation Department, Nutrition, Support Staff, and our Community.

(If you really want to know what is going on at school, call any of the secretaries at any of the schools or superintendent’s office, I promise they will be able to answer any question that you will have concerning what is going on at school.) Be proud to be a “PANTHER.”

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