Lee Elementary's Students of the Month for April 2020 are fourth-graders Madi Bruecher and Carter Conn, fifth-graders Mady Williams and JW Harris and sixth-graders Keagan Scott and Ethan Bradley.

4th Grade

• Madi Bruecher is the daughter of Amber Hewett. Madi has a sister, Emmi Bruecher.

Madi enjoys playing outside and cheerleading. Madi’s favorite subject is math and Mrs. Raper is her favorite teacher. Her favorite food is cheese pizza. When she grows up she would like to be a stay at home mom.

• Carter Conn is the son of Jody Hottel.

Carter enjoys flying his drone and riding his horse Charlie. Carter’s favorite subject is math and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Raper. Carter’s favorite food is a chicken sandwich. Carter would like to be a lawyer when he grows up.

5th Grade

• Mady Williams is the daughter of James and Darci Williams. Mady has an older brother, Zack, and an older sister, Abby.

Mady loves dance and playing basketball. Mady’s favorite subject is reading and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Thompson. Her favorite food is pizza and Fettuccine Alfredo. Mady wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

• JW Harris is the son of Jonathon and Brandi Harris. JW has a little brother, Major, in the 1st grade.

JW’s favorite subject is science and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Thompson. His favorite food is steak. JW’s favorite hobbies include showing pigs, gaming, and drawing. JW wants to be a meteorologist.

6th Grade

• Keagan Scott is the daughter of Chris and Toni Scott. Keagan has two brothers, Brody and Case.

Keagan’s hobbies include hunting, listening to music, and riding 4-wheelers. Keagan’s favorite subject in school is science and her favorite teacher is Coach Harrison. Her favorite food is chicken Alfredo. When Keagan grows up she wants to be a veterinarian or marine biologist.

• Ethan Bradley is the son of Tim Bradley, and his Mema, Sue Bradley. Ethan has a sister, Libby.

Ethan enjoys playing video games and lifting weights. Ethan’s favorite subject is math and his favorite teacher is Mr. Ellis. He likes to eat Ramen Noodles and a spicy chicken sandwich. Ethan would like to be a mechanic when he grows up.

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