DDB honor comes with big salute

Pattie Mullett

Pattie Mullett is the newest featured employee of the week at DDB.

Mullett started her career with DDB Unlimited through Express Professionals on Feb. 19, 2018 as a receptionist. Pattie was promoted to account associate on May 30, 2018.

She became an official DDB employee on June 4, 2018 and has proven to be a “very valuable member of the DDB family.”

Pattie stated she loves working for DDB. What she loves about working here is the family atmosphere.

Pattie says she loves that DDB operates on faith-based principles, and really enjoyed when employees could all come together and pray for each other before COVID-19 separated them sending several employees to work from home.

Pattie likes that DDB cross-trains their employees and encourages promotions from within.

When Pattie is not working, she enjoys spending time with her kids, grandkids and church family. Her favorite roll is being Mimi. She has four kids and 11 grandkids, three of the 11 grandkids are currently five years old.

All three of Pattie’s sons work in law enforcement. Her oldest son is currently serving as Garvin County’s sheriff. Her daughter is a stay-at-home mom. Pattie is very proud of her family.

“On behalf of DDB I am happy to say thank you Pattie for your continued dedication to DDB. We are blessed to have you as part of our family.”

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