Disney was on parade, after parade, after...

By Tim Smith

The @ Home Edition

They say that it is difficult growing older, and to some extent, whoever ‘they’ are has probably not taken into account what a trip to Walt Disney World, and it’s The Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, can do for one’s mental and physical well-being.

We had been attempting since 2019 to get away, and this was really the earliest we could get it successfully scheduled, and believe me, it was worth the wait. My dear wife is an excellent travel manager, and from the time that we left Dallas on our 2-hour flight to Orlando, until we walked into The Magic Kingdom, we felt relaxed and taken care of in what I will refer to for the duration of this series, as the “Disney Bubble.”

If you think about it, (and the following times are Florida’s): We flew to Orlando at 7 a.m. and by 11:22, we snapped our first picture at the ticket gate waiting entrance. The flight, securing our rental car and driving directly to the parking area of the Magic Kingdom was completed as though we did it every day.

I was telling our son that once you get within the “Bubble,” time, (and traffic) really do stand-still, or slow down to more agreeable levels – bordering on slow motion.

Not sure how else to explain; it seemed magical.

That last sentence remains at the core of my current dilemma: How do I make our upcoming reflections not appear as a travelogue. Therefore, to prevent that direction from emerging, I have chosen to break up our four-day experience by categories.

• First, (and just completed): Background.

• Second: Entertainment.

• Third: Rides and Attractions.

• Fourth, and final: Food and ancillary tips, and a few additional memories.

Just about the time what we were gearing up for all of this, most of the family had already seen the new James Bond film – and all their reports were certainly more than favorable. Note: Please, no information or “spoiler alerts” as we have yet to experience it.

It is difficult to conjecture, but I am sensing that, like experiencing a Disney theme park for the first time, once you are in your movie theatre seat, if the long-awaited film does not live up to all the hype/expectations, it is somehow, and in some small way, disappointing.

Florida: We certainly did not have any “long time waiting” remorse with either Disney location. With this trip, we too had to wait for nearly the same two-year period.

In the end, both the film and the parks were well worth the wait.

In what is arguably the most definitive book on the life of Walt Disney, titled “Walt Disney: The Triumph of The American Imagination,” by Neil Gabler, it is stated on the book’s jacket:

“We see the visionary, whose desire for escape honed an innate sense of what people wanted to see on the screen and, when combined with iron determination and obsessive perfectionism, led him to the reinvention of animation. It was Disney, first with Mickey Mouse and then with his feature films – most notably Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi – who transformed animation from a novelty based on movement to an art form that presented an illusion of life.”

And it just grew, and grew from there. Stay tuned, lots more to share over the coming weeks.

A quick YouTube note: For great fun, watch the Grand Ole’ Opry’s 5,000th Saturday Night broadcast celebration for October 30, 2021. The Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood closing is something special.

A total of 5,000 straight telecasts represent 96 years of American history – in song. Amazing.

Enjoy seeing you in the “E”dition of the Democrat.

Remember, there is always an opening night.

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(This is the @ Home Edition of Where A r [ts] Thou? by Tim Smith – Since 5/2020)

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