By Principal Mitzi Winters

The time is flying by at Jackson Elementary and I cannot believe it is already November.

Of course the weather has been in rare form with the very random temperatures on any given day. I am sure parents are stressing about what type of clothes to have their child wear each day. That may be why our ‘lost and found’ stays pretty busy!

The first-graders are working on those reading skills, mastering sight words and becoming quite the mathematicians.

They have had the opportunity to attend the Garvin County Fair, Murray County Tractor Show (even toughed out the rain), and the Cornerstone Pumpkin Patch. Each event was full of experiences and they learned some unique old time farming skills.

In September, first grade grandparents were treated to a ‘tea party’ in their honor and were also entertained during the event. Next up will be the first grade Christmas program in December.

Jackson second-graders also attended the Garvin County Fair.

They are into the Reading Counts program which promotes reading fluency and hopefully a love of reading. Their teachers are busy teaching them the writing process along with advancing math and language arts skills.

In the near future the second-graders will be hosting an event for their parents, so be sure to watch those notes coming home.

Our third-graders are always keeping a pretty good pace to learn all the state standards that will be on the state test in April.

They have been super busy working on their Veteran’s Recognition program. The recognition was Friday, November 8th. Students were encouraged to fill out information sheets on a veteran that was either a family member or friend. Those sheets are lining the hallway and show representation from all branches of service.

Their message is presented through music and is always very touching thanks to music teacher Charla Forrester.

Technology is a focus for our students. Thanks to teacher written grants, Jackson has been able to purchase two classroom sets of Chromebooks. It is our hope to eventually have one-to-one devices.

The future is looking bright at Jackson Elementary!

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