High school grant given to Stratford

Stratford High School has just become one of only 20 high schools out of 624 total from across the state to be awarded an educational grant from the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust.

The grant is to be used to purchase and implement technological learning devices with a view toward increasing web-based educational opportunities for high school students. The focus of the grant is to implement more technology and internet-based resources into classes and curriculum.

Stratford High School will receive a total of $65,000 to be used toward specific technological purchases, as well as staff training.

In Stratford’s case, this means purchasing a laptop for each student to use in class, as well as a host of internet-based educational applications, websites, and platforms.

The grant also supplies $25,000 worth of training for teachers and administrators, through the K20 Center in Norman, on how best to utilize and implement web-based educational strategies into high school classes.

A team of teachers from the high school, along with Principal Paul Savage, have been diligently working on the grant application process for over two years now. This included multiple trips to the K20 Center in Norman, over summers and school breaks, for day-long training and workshops over the grant writing process.

However, the team insists that credit for winning the grant must go in large part to Teresia Harrison.

Harrison was formerly an award-winning teacher at Stratford High School, and is now the director of East Central University’s Institute for Math and Science Education.

Her deep experience in the grant writing process, coupled with her tireless efforts at writing and revising the actual grant application, brought tremendous dividends to her former school.

Principal Savage has expressed his excitement for the additional opportunities the grant will afford for Stratford High School students.

“It’s easy to see how much the world of education is being impacted by web-based technologies, and this grant gives us the ability to take advantage of that in many ways,” officials said.

“It’s not every day that a school the size of ours is able to appropriate resources like this, so we are excited to see all the hard work on this project finally pay off. It is another way that we, as a school, are striving to provide our students with the best educational opportunities possible.”

The actual purchase of the equipment will take place over the summer break, while training and implementation of the new technology will be ongoing throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

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