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By Tim Smith

The @ home edition

Where has this year gone, it is now October, and I know this for a fact as the house is fully decorated with our “season one” treats for the eyes, and as a reminder, that initial offering of décor honors fall, leaving room, seriously, there is still room remaining, for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The next major leap, of course, will be a short one, for we will be on to Christmas. It is always festive.

I recently brought to your reading and videos to watch lists the library of wonderful written and/or oral interviews of some of the truly impactful individuals from the worlds of sport, the arts, public service, business, science and exploration on The Academy of Achievement’s website.

In the Wednesday edition of The Democrat, I featured the first of these, selected from the world of film. George Lucas and Sidney Poitier will certainly confirm some of what you may already have known about their individual impact on film and theater, yet, what makes these selections on the Academy’s website truly memorable, is what you never really knew.

The camera is on them the entire time, the questions are asked by an unseen interviewer, so that, in the end, you can enjoy an uninterrupted monologue as they share lives lived, careers launched, legacies secured. Over the coming weeks, other pairs will be featured so I hope that you will pick up a copy of the newsstand edition, or return here. I hope these brief overviews will lead you to further study. They did for me.

It is about the time in the schools for many of the major performing arts programs to be presenting their first concerts, productions, recitals, showcases and exhibits. To place that into perspective, I always looked forward to returning to college to learn their planned schedule of productions.

Today, it would appear that they may have extra burdens placed on the ability to announce these lineups due to pending, (or not), virus compliance parameters.

Anyway, whenever the season is announced, it is the future, the resume builder, so let’s get started.

I have been featuring a salute to my college alma mater, Drury University, Springfield, Missouri where 50 years ago this past May, I graduated with a degree in speech/theatre.

Drury announced a few weeks back their 2021-2022 stage season that includes: Thanksgiving Play, Amelie, Peter and the Wolf, The Bourgeois Gentleman, and Broadway Cabaret. A proposed touring production to area schools of the musical, Seussical, is yet to be finalized due to virus parameters. In that already crowded calendar they will conduct The Drury Lane Film Festival.

I invite you visit Grapevine, Texas, and when you arrive, please schedule time to savor the recently dedicated statuary monument, The Peace Circle. In ceremonies on September 18, 2021, this significant 19th century historical event in North Texas’ history was set in place for all time.

“[The] Peace Circle, comprised of eleven monumental statues created by artist Linda Lewis at the Grapevine Foundry and completed in 2021, commemorates a moment in time that occurred on the Grape Vine Prairie in August 1843. That day, General Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas, addressed the leaders of 10 American Indian nations who had gathered to meet him to sign a treaty of peace and friendship . . . In all 10 American Indian nations signed: Delaware, Chickasaw, Waco, Tawakoni, Keechi, Caddo, Anadarko, Ioni, Biloxi and Cherokee. Two other nations, the Comanche and the Kiowa did not sign. This Treaty was ratified by the Republic of Texas Legislature, and the first wagon train of settlers soon arrived at the present-day Grapevine in 1844.”

Enjoying “seeing you” in the “E”dition of The Democrat.

Remember, there is always an opening night, and isn’t that getting more exciting by the day.

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(This is the @ home edition of Where A r [ts]Thou? [Since 5/2020] – CreativitySquared)

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