By Bobby Reeves

PV Alternative Academy Director

It’s hard to believe, but we are already nearing the end of our third full week of classes here at PVAA.

The Alternative Academy is off to a great start, with many new faces, and many new challenges ahead.

After attending the annual Alternative Education Regional Meeting last week in Lawton, I can tell you there will be some changes this year, and for the better!

There will be a much greater focus on student success post high school. At PVAA we have always prided ourselves in the graduation rate for our students.

Last year we graduated 10 of 12 seniors who were a part of our program.

These are students who are non-traditional, and who would have had a hard time earning a diploma in the traditional school setting.

Often, it seems that even though we enjoy this success, it is not a guarantee for success in the future.

Our focus this year will shift more towards success for our students post graduation. Each student will do a career analysis with a focus on student needs in assisting with college, trade school, or work force.

As it is determined what will work best for each individual student, we will work towards placement in one of these areas.

We are also excited about our switch from A+ Learning System to Edmentum.

Edmentum is an internet based system which covers a vast area in curriculum opportunities. The course work is more rigorous, but also more thorough in how it is taught. Each lesson provides tutorials for the objectives taught as well as providing a more current curriculum which may prove far more user friendly and accessible in the future.

Our hope is that in the future, students will have more flexibility in what they are able to work on.

Students will be able to enjoy site based electives this year as the Academy will provide a general Art 1 Painting and Drawing class as well as a Film Appreciation class.

Art 1 will focus on objectives which will help students learn to physically create art as opposed to working with A+ Art Appreciation. Students will learn how to draw in perspective, enabling them to create paintings and drawing of cityscapes, as well as landscape drawing, and portraits. So far, the courses have been a wonderful addition to our curriculum.

As we get deeper into the school year, we will have opportunities to exhibit student work as well as participate in field trips to enhance student learning.

Also, we will be partnering this year with Frontline for our Life Skills and Counseling needs. We look forward to seeing them in our building and involved with our students to help meet any needs they may have as they prepare for life in whatever field they may choose.

Frontline will also be a valuable asset for students that do not fit into a traditional student category as they are young parents or students who are facing adult life at an early age due to varying circumstances.

Along with the help that Frontline will provide, the PVAA will also have quarterly meetings with our advisory board which will include members from areas of education, ministry, counseling, and law enforcement.

Our hope is that the board will point us in a direction that will get our students more involved with the community in a positive way.

Again, we are very excited to face the challenges before us this year! We are in this for one reason, and that is a better future for our children. We are blessed to be able to work in such a way as to help young adults find a correct path for their future.

If you have any questions regarding PVAA, feel free to call us anytime at 405-238-1233.

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