Mid-America Technology Center students who are enrolled in one of the 19 trade and industrial education programs recently participated in the SkillsUSA District Competitions.

These contests are held at area technology centers throughout the state. This year MATC had 53 students qualify to compete at the SkillsUSA State Conference which will be held April 28-30 in Tulsa.

MATC students placed in each competition as the * symbol denotes qualification to compete on the state level.

• Architectural Drafting – *Kellar Eubank, a, 3rd place secondary; *Josh Lawson. Blanchard, 4th place secondary; Anthony Garza, Pauls Valley, 6th place secondary.

• Automotive Service Technology – *Eddie Gish, Bridge Creek, 2nd place secondary; *Alan Rose, Lexington, 3rd place secondary; Cody Beams, Pauls Valley, 6th place secondary; James Dudgeon, Lindsay, High Written Score.

• Cabinetmaking – *Joey Rains, Lindsay, 2nd place postsecondary; Justin Tate Covel, Elmore City, 3rd place postsecondary; Quinton Robbins, Lindsay, 4th place postsecondary.

• Carpentry – *Samuel Hook, Purcell, 1st place postsecondary; *Mason Hamm, Lexington, 3rd place secondary; Kevin Alejandro, Little Axe, 4th place secondary; Braxton Mestas, Newcastle, 6th place secondary.

• Chapter Business Procedure (team event) – *Cayden Evans, Newcastle, 1st place secondary, *Roy Horn, Blanchard, 1st place secondary, *Thomas Lassiter, Newcastle, 1st place secondary, *Francisco Martinez, Purcell, 1st place secondary, *Ragan Stewart, Blanchard, 1st place secondary, *Josh Travis, Elmore City, 1st place secondary.

• Cosmetology – *Hannah Ingraham, Lexington, 1st place postsecondary; *Laila Pletcher, Little Axe, 2nd place secondary; *Jorden Bowen, Lindsay, 3rd place secondary.

• Customer Service – *Nicole Geiger, Noble, 2nd place secondary; Carley Carter, Lexington, 3rd place secondary.

• Esthetics – *Destinee Overley, Wayne, 1st place secondary; *Kylee Robertson, Pauls Valley, 3rd place secondary; Madison McKesson, Noble, 5th place secondary.

• Extemporaneous Speaking – *Josh Higginbottom, Pauls Valley, 1st place secondary; Jayda Ladd, Newcastle, 4th place secondary; Miakoda Underwood, Blanchard, 5th place secondary.

• HVAC – *Kadin Pratt, Purcell, 2nd place postsecondary; *Charles Gomez, Pauls Valley, 3rd place postsecondary; *Colton Cosby, Stratford, 4th place secondary; Randall McGill, Little Axe, 6th place secondary.

• Job Interview – *Aubrey Conner, Little Axe, 2nd place secondary; Levi Boxley, Homeschooled/Norman, 4th place secondary; Dawson Bell, Norman, 4th place postsecondary.

• Job Readiness/Carpet Maintenance – Peter Warden, Little Axe, 6th place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Floral Design – *Hannah Beckham, Noble, 2nd place secondary; Logan Helton, Purcell, 4th place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Grounds Equipment Operator – *Gerald Ploch, Pauls Valley, 1st place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Hard Surface Maintenance – *Zach Pettijohn, Noble, 1st place secondary; *Joshua Nail, Lindsay, 2nd place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Horticulture – *Ryan Fulton, Lexington, 2nd place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Job Interview - *Hannah Beckham, Noble, 2nd place secondary; Ryan Fulton, Lexington, 4th place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Low-speed Buffing – Chris Admire, Lexington, 6th place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Small Engine Parts ID – *Cody Sample, Little Axe, 1st place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Standard Riding Mower – *Dalton Harmdierks, Little Axe, 1st place secondary; *Airon Wright, Pauls Valley, 4th place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Tool Identification – *Trenton Alberson, Stratford, 2nd place secondary.

• Job Readiness/Zero Turn Radius Mower – *Rickeydale Morrison, Pauls Valley, 3rd place secondary; Brandon Carden, Pauls Valley, 4th place secondary; Dylan Austin, Dibble, 6th place secondary; Caleb Clemmer, Pauls Valley, participant secondary.

• Job Skills Demonstration A – *Jailene Barragan, Pauls Valley, 1st place postsecondary; *Jestin Wright, Wynnewood, 2nd place postsecondary; Tonya Brookshire, Noble, 3rd place secondary; Rachel Goad, Purcell, 3rd place postsecondary; Joshua Walker, Newcastle, 4th place secondary; Chancellor Marshall, Little Axe, 5th place secondary.

• Job Skills Demonstration O – *Rayden Bewley, Blanchard, 1st place secondary; *Reagan Snow, Purcell, 1st place postsecondary; *Destiny Sandlin, Bridge Creek, 2nd place secondary; Matthew Webster, Homeschooled/Pauls Valley, 3rd place secondary; Nicole Geiger, Noble, 4th place secondary; Makayla Boykin, Wynnewood, 5th place secondary.

• Opening and Closing Ceremony (team event) – *Madison Cline, Lexington, 2nd place secondary. *Skylar Gardner, Bridge Creek, 2nd place secondary, *Ashton Glover, Vanoss, 2nd place secondary, *Jaycee Imel, Wynnewood, 2nd place secondary, *Jaci Phares, Blanchard, 2nd place secondary, *Kanyon Roberts, Lindsay, 2nd place secondary, *Kylee Spencer, Lexington, 2nd place secondary.

• Precision Machining Technology – *Wyatt Guttery, Noble, 1st place secondary; *Benjamin Richter, Bridge Creek, 2nd place secondary; Jessy Hines, Newcastle, 4th place secondary; Lucas Dobson, Maysville, 6th place secondary.

• Prepared Speech – Kazi Mara, Elmore City, 3rd place secondary; Alissa Morgan, Noble, 5th place secondary; Tali Thompson, Elmore City, 6th place secondary.

• Quiz Bowl (team event) – Nicholas Caldwell, Maysville, 3rd place secondary, Nicholas Diguiseppi, Dibble, 3rd place secondary, Adam Hamilton, Lexington, 3rd place secondary, Corbin Hodges, Newcastle, 3rd place secondary, Aaryn Wilcox, Wayne, 3rd place secondary.

• Quiz Bowl (team event) – Logan Bennett, Washington, 5th place secondary, Conner Bruce, Washington, 5th place secondary, Caleb Haynes, Washington, 5th place secondary, Caleb McElderry, Washington, 5th place secondary, Andre Pomerantz, Home Schooled/Blanchard, 5th place secondary.

• Quiz Bowl (team event) – Jayden Agee, Bridge Creek, 6th place secondary, Gavin Harp, Dibble, 6th place secondary, Ethan Scott, Noble, 6th place secondary, Zion Stormer, Noble, 6th place secondary, Ozmond Wahpekeche, Little Axe, 6th place secondary.

• Technical Drafting – *Julian Rodriguez, Newcastle, 3rd place secondary; Creed Nelson, Newcastle, 6th place secondary.

• Welding – *Jeff Gray, Little Axe, 3rd place secondary; Austin Cline, Noble, 7th place secondary.

• Welding Fabrication (team event) – *Luke Brundage, Wanette, 1st place secondary, *Matthew Rodman, Wanette, 1st place secondary, *Dalton Wilson, Little Axe, 1st place secondary.

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