Maysville teacher part of Sonic drive

A Maysville teacher was right in the middle of a student project led by Sonic Drive-In.

During this past school year Courtney Shaffer at Maysville Elementary School was awarded a $355 donation from Sonic for the project "Focus Minds with Flexible Seating!”

The donation was part of Sonic's celebration of thousands of teachers during Limeades for Learning Teacher Appreciation Month campaign in May.

Sonic teamed up with nonprofit for the initiative.

Shaffer's project was for grades prekindergarten through the second grade as more than three-fourths of participating students are from low income households.

With the goal of helping teachers obtain much-needed classroom supplies and learning resources, Sonic launched the donation match in honor of Teacher Appreciation Month.

In total, Sonic donated $1.2 million matching donations made to Sonic teacher projects in May.

"Sonic fans who love teachers responded incredibly during Teacher Appreciation Month and we were delighted to support 3,937 teachers and their students across the country," said Christi Woodworth, vice president of public relations for SONIC.

"Each year, teachers spend hundreds of their own dollars to support their students, and with Limeades for Learning, Sonic and our fans made that burden a bit lighter.

“We celebrate and thank teachers for the incredible work they do to bring learning to life in creative and fun ways for their students."

Here's the way Shaffer describes her project funded by Sonic.

“Flexible seating helps students stay on task and become more focused on what they are learning. While at carpet time there are a few students in my class that like constant movement, which prohibits them to focus on the learning objectives.

“We have one flexible seat, but we have to rotate it to different students throughout the day. When the students use it, they are able to focus on their task and stay calm, while it stimulates their sense of touch.

“Flexible seating helps students engage in their learning while making it fun.

“The products for this project will have a few purposes for my students. The 'Balance Ball Seat Bundle' will be used at the student's tables during center time. This will benefit the students who need to get their wiggles out during center time. The different 'floor seats' will be used during carpet time for the students who have trouble focusing. This will allow them to focus their senses on what they are learning.

“The 'Tangle Therapy' helps students who need movement with their hands to stay focus, while also strengthening their muscles in their fingers. All the products in this project will help my students burn off energy, and be less disruptive. It will also give students the power of choice for their own learning.”

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