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By Tim Smith

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I know, this is not like me, and even so, please indulge me for a few minutes. As you probably know, the Seinfeld series moved to Netflix and I urge you to travel to YouTube and see this Lego themed announcement. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so enjoy.

Hint: I can say, that for me, seeing one of the most inventive comedians in history once again take us where we never thought we could go, is simply amazing in this period where we seemingly have all information at our fingers tips every minute of every day.

How in the world did they keep this piece of artistic and advertising genius a secret?

Anyway: Just returned from a 2,000 plus mile road trip to see family in central Illinois and the weather was spectacular. I just wish that we would have taken the trip a few weeks later, as mid to late October in that part of the country can be a vibrant palate of oranges, yellows, reds and browns-and everything in between.

One of our returning stops was the college where, 50 years ago this past spring, I graduated with a degree in what was then known as speech and drama, but in actuality, it was in theater arts with that teaching credential.

While on campus, I was able to revisit the stage where I had done so much work, and it looked just the same as it did so many seasons ago, I could even feel the presence of many of my fellow actors and technicians who together, were assisting Drury in building an all-encompassing program. It was actually structured more like a performing arts conservatory as students could focus on acting, directing, and technical theatre.

The only programs of performance study that were not, in my recollection, in place were, dance, playwriting, and music performance, however the latter could be studied within that department.

Those of us who did move into the classroom were more than prepared to build programs and to elevate student understanding and appreciation of the discipline of artistic creation. What I did not appreciate until some years later, was how well prepared I was to engage in community development and enrichment away from the performance space.

I must admit, we are getting excited about being able to return to our local movie screen and see the new James Bond film that sadly saw its original 2020 release date scuttled by the pandemic. In talking with our sons, scattered from Tulsa to Dallas, and on to Austin and locally, this has been the main topic of discussion. I believe one of them have already secured tickets.

We were watching the wonderfully creative 2019 feature film, Knives Out, starring Daniel Craig, and Ana de Armas who are reunited in the new Bond film.

We wondered aloud if Ms. de Armas was cast due to the chemistry that she had with Mr. Craig in Knives Out. It is a small community, those that make films, and the interactions on screen are a major selling point for future work as the camera simply does not, and cannot fabricate, that magical bond between actors, no pun intended; it is either there, or it is not.

You may want to revisit the latter film, and trust me, we have watched it a number of times and always learn – experience, something new.

Next week: Sharing the stage, a legacy expanded, and interest in a new book authored by brothers Ron and Clint Howard, with a forward by Ron’s daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, titled “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.”

Yes, “happier days” are going to be upon us for certain as just the mere anticipation of learning how these two young men navigated the treacherous world of film and television production, (especially for child actors), will most certainly set this heart into a calmer mode for the future landscape of our public entertainments and those who create them – perform in them.

Not wanting to read too much into the author’s pedigree here, so more next week.

Speaking of successful child actors, Leave It To Beaver premiered on 10/4/57 and it was fun seeing Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers announcing that reminder over social media.

Remember, there is always an opening night, in our towns.

Enjoy seeing you in the “E”dition of the Democrat.

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