Oklahoma battles winter weather

By State Rep. Cynthia Roe

This week’s winter weather has shut down most of the state, but lawmakers continued to meet at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City to develop legislation.

Thursday, Feb. 25 is the deadline to pass bills out of their House committee, so it was urgent that we returned safely to the Capitol to continue our work. Any bill that does not pass out of committee by the deadline is considered dead for the legislative session.

We developed a schedule for this week around the snowfall; committee meetings that would have taken place during the snowfall were rescheduled for later times to ensure we were able to hear as many bills as possible before next week’s deadline.

In response to the inclement weather, the governor declared a disaster emergency in all 77 counties across the state.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission approved an emergency order to help gas suppliers and power generators stabilize the electric grid and natural gas infrastructure.

The order gave suppliers the ability to reduce gas service to certain large customers in order to maintain infrastructure and meet the demand for natural gas for such essential services as power generation and residential heating.

The action ensures essential service for public safety and welfare during this ongoing weather crisis.

I hope that soon this winter weather is behind us, but for now, I hope you will consider reducing your use of natural gas and electricity to ensure our natural gas infrastructure and electric grid are not overwhelmed.

If there’s any need I can assist with, or if you’d like to share an opinion on a specific piece of legislation, please call my office at 405-557-7365.

Thank you for allowing me to represent House District 42 at the state Capitol!

(Rep. Cynthia Roe, a Republican, represents District 42 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, which includes Garvin and McClain counties.)

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