Program can help with nursing home move

(Courtesy of the Southern Oklahoma Development Association (SODA) Area Agency on Aging)

Across the country, people have begun to question if they should stay in the nursing home facilities or if they should attempt to transition out of the nursing home and back into a residence of their own.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this decision even more pressing and urgent for many people.

Residents and families may be wondering if there is a program that can help with the transition or if there is any assistance available to help make the transition happen?

There is help! The program is called Money Follows the Person/Living Choice.

This program has helped manage over 800 residents’ transition from the nursing home back into their communities over the past several years.

Living Choice is designed just for residents in the nursing home.

Living Choice provides services that they receive in the nursing home but will be able to enjoy in the comfort of their own home instead.

To qualify for the program, residents be 19 years and older with physical disabilities or persons 65 years old and over who have qualified for SoonerCare. Residents are required to have been be in the facility for at least 90 consecutive days or more.

Most importantly, the residents must want to transition back into the community and be willing voluntarily to play an active role in their plan of care the whole time.

The Living Choice Program is a program that is willing and able to help residents reconnect with friends and families that they have not been able to see or touch in a while.

The Living Choice Program is waiting to assist with the transition of qualified residents back into their communities.

To learn more about the Living Choice Program please call your local ombudsman at SODA Area Agency on Aging at 580-920-1388 or Senior Info Line 1-800-211-2116. You can also call the Oklahoma Living Choice Program at 1-888-287-2443 or email to get started on that new transition.

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