Dear Editor,

When I consider Rep. Cindy Roe for reelection in District 42, I see not only a politician but also a medical professional.

Representative Roe is a nurse practitioner with nearly 40 years of rural healthcare experience. She has served Pauls Valley as both a state representative and a member of the medical community.

As a doctor in the same area, I recognize Roe's adept knowledgeable approach to issues that affect so many in our area.

The closure of the hospital in Pauls Valley in the fall of 2018 was tragic for our community. Issues related to lack of access and immediacy of care are concerning in District 42.

From children and young families to our aging citizens, we need the perspective Roe brings to help inform public health decisions.

I support her campaign for reelection because of the challenges in our district that she knows first-hand.

At a critical period when misinformation on social media and through hearsay informs popular opinion on key issues and especially in light of COVID-19, I would prefer to see Roe continue her mission to fight for rural healthcare on behalf of her constituents, patients, friends and neighbors.

Please join me in supporting Representative Roe in Oklahoma's primary on June 30.

Dr. Susan Jones

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