Some music is great to write by!

By Tim Smith

Where A r [ts] Thou?


Masks on – nothing lost, everything gained: It was simply a lightening in a bottle moment.

I was preparing to write and happened to open a new year’s email from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas and locked within was a performance piece staged in the museum’s Great Hall. The dance selection, performed by members of the Northwest Arkansas Ballet Theatre, was set against the orchestral work, Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copeland, performed by the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra.

The synergy of music, dance, and architecture captured for all time, was taking me home once again. Mr. Copeland’s piece now accentuates my creative time in the home office.

That’s My Will: Beverly Hills, Cal., Jan. 13. [1933] – “Congress ought to really get into the main show next week. This past week was just the overture. They will get settled down this coming week to “steady taxing.”

“All the 'lobbies' are gathered in there to see that the tax is put on somebody else’s business, but not on theirs.

“Congress got all their committees made up last week and they are composed of two Democrats to each one Republican, so what pleasant year that poor fellow will be in for. . . “ Yours, Will Rogers.

Holiday films: Always enjoy it when our youngest son spends time at the house – we do much of our catching up while watching – analyzing – and savoring the ‘latest’ films.

On this trip, we got caught up on all things Marvel, as in their comic book franchise set to film – and that is a sizable canon for sure.

I think in linear time, and that, of course, is quickly and unceremoniously shown the exit door within minutes of nearly all these films. Of course, I’m not quite as quick as I once was, so that adds new colors to our analysis periods. Great fun – a new way to stay forever young.

While staying on this younger track, and as highlighted last week, the more that I read the December 2020 “Special” issue of Rolling Stone magazine, in its column, “Musicians on Musicians: Starring Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift,” the more I am drawn to the very real possibility that I am going to have to secure the two CD’s that are the foundation of this most enlightening back, “sound” stage, visit on the creative/logistical processes they used to record while sheltering ‘virtually’ in place.

That was a mouthful, as is their enlightening back and forth banter. Illuminating is best used here to set that scene.

More reflections to come, so stay “turned in” to the column.

STORY 2021: Since 2017, I have attended the STORY Conference, conducted each year, excepting 2020, at the famed Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

This past weekend, the team at STORY conducted an update on the world of the creatives with speakers reflecting on their virus2020 journeys since the last zoom session. During one of these dialogues, both speakers referenced a quote from a feature film that I had shared with you, here, some time back.

Needless to say, that was affirming, felt like I was a part of the ‘mainstem’ of the those who also craft vision through words.

T-ube, too!: This ever-slight play on wording is still in the experimental stage. I find such a wide array of wonderful performances on You Tube, that I am toying with offering viewing suggestions on occasion. You would find them here, at least that is the plan for now.

Upcoming: A salute to a pillar of my creative foundation, a former professor and chairman of the Department of Drama at the University of Arkansas. Rest in peace dear friend.

Connections made, locally inspired from our town, since '06.

See you in the local paper

A most happy belated birthday to my dear wife.

t A s

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