Spring has finally broken free

By Tim Smith

Where A r [ts] Thou?


Still embracing the fact that the state of Arkansas is going to take center stage in a few weeks when the Academy Awards are presented. The film “Minari,” set in the state, is up for multiple honors, having already won the Golden Globe for best film. Many folks have labored over the decades to ensure that this opportunity might avail itself one day.

Those stars have to be aligned, and in 2020/21, they were. Win or lose, receiving the nomination is the true reward.

Before leaving “The Natural State,” Arkansas Public Theatre in Rogers, Arkansas is providing an exciting live theatre event, with limited seating, at their Victory Theatre. If you are in the area, check out their website for further information. Their seating chart for this event is impressive, concise and easy to navigate.

T’s [ube]: I downloaded this film through Amazon. “The Beach Boys 50th Celebration Concert Tour” featuring the original Beach Boys, and most importantly, Brian Wilson, its founder and spiritual leader, was great fun.

It was reassuring seeing Mr. Wilson so active with the group, where at one point, he left the comfort of his ever-present white piano, to take up a bass guitar and join in with the others – downstage center.

Timeless music, some new works that I had not heard before, and at just over an hour, a bit confusing as they chose not to delve into the surfer music titles which initially had made them famous. It then dawned on me, that out of respect for Brian’s health, they purposefully staged it that way as to not tire him.

I know, they can only perform a small portion of their catalogue, but come on, “Surfin USA” is more or less expected, right?

In the end, my family came into the room to see why I was singing out load, and as they are not children of the '60s, it’s simple, they would never truly understand.

DU @ 50: Speaking of the '60s, how I enjoyed the sounds of summer on the campus at Drury University as a member of its Class of '71. In this ongoing yearly salute, life on campus will be a recurring theme as it led to the high quality of education that I received.

Drury was, and remains, a smaller setting, having grown slightly from its original, and historic 40 acres, and inherent within that landscape was the sense one got, that although far from home, (I was from the Chicago area), one never felt truly disconnected.

Everything that was needed was right there, from the reassurance of Stone Chapel, the library, classrooms, fraternity and sorority residences/suites, to the stages where we honed our crafts. Until I entered my student teaching commitment, I did not have to own a car. Working in some aspect of theater was my goal, and that community, both within the rehearsal and performance spaces, was never too far afield.

Next week: When we did travel from campus, and far afield it was, it led directly to Broadway.

EFA’s town: For the moment, let’s expand that geography and return to the surface of Mars where early next month, the Insperity helicopter will be making its inaugural flight . . . “the first aircraft to attempt powered, controlled flight on another planet.” For further information, please visit the NASA Television website.

That’s my Will (Rogers): Let’s see where Will found himself today, ever in the air, either as a passenger or over its many [air] waves, today, March 31st, he must be resting up. For on March 30, 1934, dated Pasadena, Cal.

“Here is something I think will bear repeating. Two kid brothers, one 14, the other 12, were hiking in the mountains out here. The young kid bit by a rattlesnake. The 14-year-old one cut the wound all up with a knife and they took turns sucking the poisoned blood out. The younger one finally fainted, the other carried him up the mountain two miles on his back and he has saved him. We are not so bad off. These kids are Daniel Boones and Davey Crocketts in any age. Yours, Will Rogers.”

Carne Golf Links: Western Ireland: Reinforcing the power of the creative application of personal gifts: The team at Carne is working against major odds, not just the pandemic, to ready the property for the 2021 Irish PGA Golf Championship this August. From on site, here is a news update:

“. . . we are working away behind the scenes on securing the necessary sponsorship, which is challenging in itself as we are still in Level 5 lockdown here in Ireland, with what appears to be a very slow vaccination rollout so many businesses are still closed and likely to be until mid May. . . Nature is unforgiving here at the edge of the Atlantic! Other than that, with golf still closed until early April at the earliest, and having only been able to trade for a one-week period since October 2020, we are eagerly awaiting the return of our visitors to Carne, the Links is a lonely place at the moment.”

Mark Twain said this about perseverance: “Perseverance is a principal that should be commendable in those who have judgement to govern it.” [“The Enemy Conquered; or Love Triumphant”] While persevering, a very happy 98th birthday to my Mom on Easter Sunday.

Connections made, locally inspired, from our towns since 1/06.

See you in the local paper

t A s

[For EFA-62 and today, a Very Happy 42nd Anniversary K!]

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