By Tim Smith

I'm really feeling badly, and I always do at this time of the year. It 'pains' me that family and friends must labor through winter weather for a few additional weeks.

We are a tad spoiled in North Texas. The other day, I talked with my sister in central Illinois and it was snowing, and not just a dusting, but an actual accumulation event.

I said I was sorry, well sort of, and she did not appreciate the occasional giggle generated as I gazed out the office window where the wind was blowing on a beautiful 70-degree day.

The only negative for me was that I was too busy to head to the golf course. She was not amused.

I 'arts' digress. If this finds your family on Spring Break, hope the weather is cooperating. We have been on the road as you probably have noticed over the past few months, and today, I am coming to you from Northwest Arkansas.

What I always find stimulating upon my arrival here are the number of activities for a diverse arts palate.

The communities in and around the Rogers and Bentonville area not only are active today and tomorrow, but what they really do well is to present the future to each visitor. They really know how to market the events that will dominate the arts landscape in the months ahead.

Spring break is normally the time to get away, what also occurs is that families begin to plan their 'get-aways,' and that awareness is what keeps this part of Arkansas on the cutting edge.

There is simply not the space to cover all that is on the arts horizon, so please travel to the myriad of websites currently available, including those presented by the chambers of commerce that dot this landscape.

With the gentler weather profile slowly emerging, it is incumbent upon us to head out and enjoy the sites and sounds all around us.

Arts and about: In the coming months, a few favorites from Northwest Arkansas, including the 5th annual Bentonville Film Festival, held in Bentonville, Arkansas.

For those interested in the fast emerging independent film industry, and it is an industry, this is a must placement on the aforementioned calendar.

"Here's Charley, after all," as I celebrate the 52nd anniversary of my most important,'opening night.'

Play, ahead!

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