Dear Editor,

This is a letter from Parker Bowels. I am a board member of the Oklahoma Energy Producer’s Alliance and am writing to you in support of your/our State Senator Paul Scott.

OEPA is a group of independent family owned oil and gas operators, service companies and mineral owners from all across Oklahoma. Recently an oil and gas group from Oklahoma City came out in opposition to our senator.

The major oil company association has their reasons for opposing Senator Scott. We respectfully disagree with them.

Senator Scott has been a staunch supporter of the small business producers in Oklahoma, even under the threat from the major oil company group that they would do just what they are doing now – opposing him in his re-election.

The major oil company group said our senator sponsored SB1736 that would adversely impact oil and gas in our state. What they failed to tell you was that when Senator Scott realized that this bill would create problems for us, he killed his own bill.

Another bill with which we disagree with the major oil company group for which they criticize Senator Scott for opposing was the much-maligned so-called Oklahoma Energy Jobs Act.

This is the bill that the Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance fought for four years before narrowly losing the vote. They might have considered it good for the industry and it sure was good for them, but it just was devastating to the thousands of family owned oil and gas producers.

In truth, Senator Scott voted against that bill because over 25 family owned oil and gas businesses from our area were opposed (companies such as Mack Energy, Jones oil, and Perkins Energy Company).

Senator Scott was standing up to the large corporate companies that wanted to run the family owned local companies out of business.

The Oklahoman Energy Producers Alliance has over 500 members from 96 cities across Oklahoma. We have supported Senator Scott because he had the courage to stand for his local communities against the major oil company association in Oklahoma City.

That is why we are standing up for him now and ask you to support him too by voting for him on Tuesday, June 30.

H. Parker Bowles III

Regulatory Affairs Chairman, OEPA

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