By Tim Smith

Apollo 11: Revisited. The first installment in a month-long reflection. Enjoy, and then, please read on. One of the most famous quotations in history was broadcast to the world 50 years ago this month.

To honor the flight of Apollo 11, the Mission Control team and certainly, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, during July, segments of the column will be dedicated to the mission.

I thought it might be appropriate during this tribute month to begin the salute by sharing the comments from the pages of the July 4, 1969 edition of Life Magazine.

“Forty-two years ago Charles Lindbergh completed one of the great adventures of modern time, the first solo flight from New York to Paris. In the '30s he became involved in the beginning of the space age, raising money to support America's rocket pioneer, Robert Goddard . . . A Life editor, who is also a personal friend, asked Lindbergh if he would write an article for this special issue about the motivation behind man's great adventures in history, including the forthcoming landing on the moon."

Excerpt #1: In his "A Letter From Lindbergh," Mr Lindbergh reflects: “Forty-two years ago, bucking a headwind on a flight in my monoplane between New York and St. Louis, I tried to look into the future beyond man's conquest of the air. As the wheel had opened land to modern travel, and the hull to the sea, wings had opened the relatively universal sky. Only space lay beyond. Could we ever extend our travels into space? If so, it seemed we must develop rockets and their jet propulsion . . . Who then could foretell that, as soon as 1968, men would hurtle around the moon and back." (Referenced here is the flight of Apollo 8 during Christmas, 1968).

We saw the newest film in the “Men In Black,” (MIB) series, this one has "International" attached to the title.

Still wrestling with that one, anyway, it stars Chris Hemsworth, (Superhero, Thor in multiple films), Tessa Thompson (“Avengers: Endgame”) and Rebecca Ferguson (“The Greatest Showman” and “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” of late*).

I was entertained, yet even more amazed by the versatility of Ms. Ferguson, who for me, exploded off the screen in "Showman."

I am personally drawn to actors who are not afraid to tackle differing roles, to avoid typecasting if at all possible. Oscar winner, (for Churchill), Gary Oldman readily comes to mind.

This role is about as far as it gets from her "Showman" performance as you will quickly notice. At first, I did not even recognize her. (*): She is no journeyman. I learned that she has appeared in some 34 films. That is staying power.

A second "MIB" observation is that for the first time in recent memory, I heard younger children laughing out loud and that is amazing even though it had a PG-13 rating.

I believe that the producers held the digital image creation technology in check as this film was gentler in tone than by recent standards. It permitted children to use their imaginations to fill in what was needed, and that was funny.

Next up: Trying to work into our already hectic July schedule, seeing the latest in the Toy Story film franchise, “Toy Story 4.”

The creative minds at Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures seem to always bat a home run, and am keeping my fingers crossed for just a few more – giggles.

See a summer film, with your family, young and old, in our towns. I trust you had a fun 4th of July.

Play, ahead!

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