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By Tim Smith

Where A r [ts] Thou?


We have been enjoying spectacular weather in North Texas, almost like a second spring as we welcomed some much-needed rain a few days ago. Getting the house decorated for Christmas is the new order of business at the Smith home front.

Had the pleasure of sitting in on the (CCT)-Chino (CA) Community Theatre’s monthly leadership team “ZooMeeting” early last week, and with a full season of five shows planned in 2022, they have already dusted off the curtain by staging one production at their Seventh Street Theatre, have conducted auditions for the 2022 slate, and are readying for their annual Christmas production, all the while following strict virus protocols. From all reports, these initial forays went smoothly.

Please follow CCT by visiting their website. For fun, (over Facebook), watch their 2020 holiday video special, “Hunkered Down for The Holidays” to get a sense of their creativity – and, well, yours truly, this “quickly seasoning elf” makes a brief appearance, beard and all.

What I have been noticing since returning from our visit to Walt Disney World is how many Disney postings appear over social media, primarily Facebook.

I had somehow fogged over on this: Along with traditions honored and renewed, it is The Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

Anyway: Apart from great food, especially at Epcot, and all the birthday-oriented decorations, they have hidden 50 brass figures of Disney film characters at the four parks that comprise the Walt Disney World complex. For those who are adventurous enough to seek them out, it’s best to keep your eyes wide open.

Lest I forget, (and that is virtually impossible), were the firework/light displays that come near the end of the day at the two parks we visited.

Each was unique, and that is important as we had considered not staying for the event at Epcot as we believed it could not possibly top the display at The Magic Kingdom. Note: Be wary of what you read over social media.

T’s [tube]: Not really sure what to make of all of this, so will let you draw your own conclusions.

I visited the website, and as long-time readers know, it is my go-to location for all things theater, coupled with strong ties to the film, pop music and television industries, I had mentioned some time ago that “Being the Ricardos,” . . . “a look inside a week in production of the iconic sitcom 'I Love Lucy,'” had piqued my interest, so I decided to check out its latest promotional clip. My initial viewing went smoothly, and then, there was the second . . . viewing – and what is it that they say; it may prove wiser to leave well enough alone.

Not wired that way, so I heeded the siren call mainly because something was, well, unsettling.

The best way to share is to offer the following, and please stay with me on this one: Watch the Oscar (for Best Actor) winning turn in the film “Darkest Hour” delivered by Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill for any number of reasons, and for now, pay particular attention to his stunning make-up and prosthetics transformation.

These creations would also win an Oscar.

Seeking an Oscar double for Nicole Kidman and her team who created this “Lucy” may prove to be a formidable hurdle, especially for Ms. Kidman who must carry the full load. An immensely talented Oscar winner herself, her first full face shot as Lucille Ball nearly took my breath away.

Some choices you can’t act your way out of, the camera does not ask or require forgiveness.

And while reclining on “…the other side of the middle”: It is taking some getting used to, calling on these streaming services, yet they appear to be our future, so in that spirit: Over HBO Max we enjoyed the newest version of the classic, “Dune.”

The 2021 version stars Timothee Chalamet, Josh Brolin and Rebecca Ferguson. More reflections later, if I can navigate through and around the plot line.

Dune’s technical statements are stunning in their realization, with early kudos for the (musical) score, art direction and cinematography. The film’s sound recreations are excellent, overall, however, understanding dialogue proved challenging. Come the Oscar ceremonies, March 27, 2022, will statuettes come their way?

Let the buzz begin.

Connections made, locally inspired in our town, since 1/06.

See you at the local newsstand.

t A s

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