Dear Editor,

Over the course of the last decade or so we have been bombarded by threats from opposing sides of losing one constitutional right after another. One group or another is going to take away your right to free speech, your right to peaceful protest, your guns, your right to vote and on and on.

If you take a good look at the statistics on the decline of voter participation in local, state and national elections over the last several years it becomes obvious that we are having a serious decline in voting.

Several of the municipalities are having elections in the next week or so.

For example, Wynnewood has 1,217 registered voters. The last mayoral election on April 2, 2018 only had 493 voters and the election for county sheriff garnered only 364 votes.

The lack of voter participation in not unique to Wynnewood but is true in county, state and national elections everywhere.

No one is taking our more important constitutional right away – we are merely abandoning it ourselves.

Why? The reasons are as many and as varied as the number of registered voters who do not vote. When less than 50 percent of the voters do not use their constitutional right to cast a ballot but 100 percent complain about the problems there is something seriously wrong.

Perhaps we are too busy or too tired or all the political noise and false promises from candidates. But it is now time to start paying attention and look at the candidates running for office and ask yourself a few questions:

• The candidate should not be about gaining power, prestige or financial gain but someone who has honest concern for their fellow citizens.

• It should not necessarily be about someone with experience but those willing to listen rather than to talk.

• It is about being confident enough to admit to things they do not know how to fix but willing to do the hard work to learn all they can.

• Above all it takes a person with integrity to always do the right thing even when no one else is looking.

There are always good people running for election. They are not always the one making the most promises or the loudest talker, so take the time to look them over and decide on the one who is honest, would work the hardest for the citizens and above all his integrity.

It really does not take that much time or effort. Use your most important constitutional right and vote.

Donna Love


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