We are (almost) cook'n' this week, in Oklahoma style!

By Tim Smith

Where A r [ts] Thou?

The @ home edition

Speaking of creativity: I send this to the paper early, and this week, it was scheduled during the rolling power grid challenges in north Texas, so that kept it interesting. I only had a 45-minute window of power – and heat. What a year. Anyway –

Creative writing will be brought to the fore over the course of this year, as it appears that even with the virus inoculations progressing rapidly across the nation, we are going to be asked to stay apart for the foreseeable future. We did see some good signs over the past weekend as there were a large number of fans at the Super Bowl.

I have been a journal keeper, in some form or another, for most of my adult life, and over the past few years, I have been working at compiling those records, along with other writings, to hopefully, and one day, provide a library for the family. That compilation will also serve as a salute to my grandparents, who were writers, and my parents who were not.

Between the generations, I’m working to find a way, a format, that can bridge the two – for the next.

While on the subject of getting it all down, and offering a truly Oklahoma story, I invite you to pick up a small gem of a book, the autobiographical work of Ree Drummond, aka, “The Pioneer Woman” in her 2011 book, “Black Heals to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story.”

(Her) “award winning website, The Pioneer Woman, was founded in 2006; her top-rated cooking show, The Pioneer Woman, premiered on Food Network in 2011 . . .”

In the New York Times bestseller, Ms. Drummond shares her journey from recent college graduate to living and rather quickly “. . . working (on a) cattle ranch in Oklahoma with her husband, children, horses, cows, and pups.”

Funny, passionate and at times complex, it is not at all what I was expecting. That in itself was refreshing and, like one of her recipes, a mixture of textures and flavors, that when combined, will leave you wanting a great deal more – a second edition perhaps.

Month end highlights: Looking forward to the month ending columns this year as they will include a 50th anniversary salute to my college alma mater and my graduation in 1971, and the latest (through August) from the far western coast of Ireland, where as we speak, plans are underway to host a major golf tournament, The Irish PGA Championship over the windswept links of Carne.

News from iGen: The generation born after 1995: Have you happened to encounter the gaming systems of today, I am fairly certain you have, yet it was not so in my case.

When our 26-year-old introduced me to a game on his flat screen that was like attending a feature film at the (now and sadly dormant) cineplex, that was one shock to my status quo, and then, with one touch of the remote, he changed the plot of the story. I had to take a break – what a world.

Our town – reflection: Seeing the neighborhood children riding their bikes, long-boarding and yes, an occasional 2-wheel hover-board appears, our towns ore opening up once again, moving away from their iGen computer driven heritage just a bit.

Next week: The newest Mars exploratory mission, Perseverance’s journey, in review.

Mark Twain once stated: “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”

I enjoy ‘seeing’ you in the local E-paper.

Be safe – and stay warm.

t A s

[For EFA-62]

(This is the @ home edition of Where A r [ts] Thou? by Tim Smith)

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