Looking at some of the photos submitted for the Daily Democrat's pictorial history book was very enlightening for me, giving me a sense of the rich heritage our community has.

For instance, there are two photos to be included in the book and each of them depicts the portion of land where the new Wal-Mart Supercenter is being built now.

One photo shows an early settler family standing proudly in front of their family farm home. The other photo is an aerial photo of the old Brewer's Drive-In Theatre, where you can clearly see Highway 19 and Indian Meridian is nothing more than a dirt road.

The aerial photo also shows there's no motels, no fast food restaurants or car dealers at that location.

From those two photos you get an idea of how far Pauls Valley has progressed over the years just in one area of our town.

Another photo shot from the old water tower reveals an early day stable where the Democrat office is now standing.

In looking over the photos you also get a sense of loss. You see a downtown area that once was a booming and thriving business district.

How I wish I could have had a meal and piece of pecan pie at Field's Tavern and Restaurant or got my car serviced at Field's Brothers Service Station.

Being a big baseball fan, I would have loved the idea that Pauls Valley was once the home to a minor league baseball team.

Some residents of our city can still remember going to the PV Raiders games and watching a bunch of players play the game not because they thought they would eventually make it to the big show, but merely because they loved playing baseball.

How many people remember shopping at a G.F. Wacker Store or seeing a movie at Brewer's Drive-In?

Don't get me wrong. Present day Pauls Valley holds just as much promise for the future and it is a growing and progressive community.

I remarked to someone the other day how much Nanette and I love living in Pauls Valley and that this will be our home for the rest of our lives.

But going through those photos connected me nostalgically with Pauls Valley's past and revealed to me just how special this community was and still is.

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