Many of the goals of improvement for Pauls Valley General Hospital involve the addition of services and equipment.

Just as important is knowing how to treat patients even if they are only sending them along to other facilities. One such example will be a burn conference the hospital is participating in Friday at the Reynolds Recreation Center.

Christopher Lentz, MD, FACS, FCCM, a board certified burn surgeon and medical director of the INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center in Oklahoma City will be featured. He will be addressing first responders from across the region on how to prepare patients in burn related disasters.

“It’s what would we do topically and medically on site before transferring them to that center,” said PVGH Chief Clinical Officer Bob Frost. “We’ve got to be able to figure out how we can serve people in our area.”

Frost noted that while they will not be getting their own burn unit, this knowledge will enhance what they already offer. This could mean doing prep treatment for burns on a few individuals or how managing response at a large-scale disaster somewhere like the Wynnewood refinery.

Along with learning how to prepare patients and wrap them up, they will learn what mode of transportation is best for different burn situations.

“We certainly don’t want it to happen,” said Frost. “If this does happen we want to give a the very best care and be able to handle that.”

Lentz earned his medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit and completed his fellowship at the University of North Carolina.  He has been practicing comprehensive burn surgery, reconstruction and rehabilitation in adults and children for more than 20 years.

He also has experience with complex wounds and soft tissue infections. He has extensive expertise in Surgical Critical Care and managing sepsis.

He is also a member of the United States Air Force Reserve and currently works for the Assistant Surgeon General for Health Care Operations in Washington, DC.  

In the future, Frost would like this to lead to scheduled drills where they practice preparations at sites like the refinery. This could involve cooperation with nearby counties like Murray and their first responders.

“A burn is a tough injury to manage post injury,” said Frost. “If we can do anything on the front end to lessen that, then all the better.”

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