According to OSDH’s statistics, as of Tuesday, the data set shows Garvin County added 46 new cases from Monday and now has had 1,477 positive cases, 12 deaths and 1,147 recoveries, bringing the county’s active case count to 318.

Pauls Valley has had 492 confirmed cases with 5 deaths, 391 recoveries and have 96 active cases.

Lindsay has had 329 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which three have died and 263 have recovered, leaving 63 active cases.

Wynnewood has had 211 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which one has died and 165 have recovered, leaving 45 active.

Maysville,has reported 125 confirmed cases, of which three have died and 93 have recovered, leaving 29 active cases.

Paoli has reported 77 confirmed cases, of which one has died and 62 have recovered, leaving 14 active cases.

Stratford has had 201 cases, of which 146 have recovered, leaving 55 active cases.

Elmore City has had 120 cases, of which 90 have recovered, leaving 30 active cases.

Foster has had 18 cases, of which 15 have recovered, leaving three active cases.

On the state level, Tuesday's data set shows a total of 180,610 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 145,686 have recovered and 33,260 are active. There have been 1,664 deaths, with the count increasing by 15 since Monday's report.

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