Garvin County currently has 31 active cases according to Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) stats released Tuesday.

The county has had 284 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, of which four have died and 249 have recovered, leaving 31 active cases in the county.

However, according to city numbers posted by OSDH, there’s a difference of one case between the county and city records, so city data reflects 32 active cases in the city areas, when added together. 

Pauls Valley has 122 confirmed cases, of which one has died and 114 have recovered, leading 7 active cases.

New cases were added in Lindsay for a total of 71 confirmed cases, of which two have died and 61 have recovered, leaving 5 active cases in the city.

Wynnewood had a slight increase with 31 confirmed cases, of which one has died and 20 have recovered, leaving 10 active cases in the city.

Maysville has had 28 total cases, of which 23 have recovered leaving them with 5 active cases.

Paoli has had 13 total cases, of which 11 have recovered, leaving them with 2 active cases.

Stratford has has 16 total cases, of which 12 have recovered, leaving them with 4 active cases.

Elmore City has had 23 total cases, of which 21 have recovered, leaving them with 2 active cases.

Statewide, there are 65,053 total confirmed cases, of which 54,269 have recovered and 854 have died, leaving 9,930 active cases in Oklahoma.

State stats from OSDH show the confirmed cases increased by 833 or 1.3% day over day while the active cases decreased by 23 or -0.2% day over day. Recoveries in Oklahoma increased by 855 or 1.6% day over day.

On Tuesday’s report, there is one additional death identified to report. No deaths were identified in the past 24 hours.  

◦One in Tulsa County, one male in the 65 or older age group. 

Today, OSDH begins the transition into a new data collection and reporting system that includes combining “confirmed” and “probable” cases. This will advance OSHD’s mission to deliver public data that best represents the current, active presence of COVID-19 in Oklahoma.

Nationally, Johns Hopkins reported as of Sept. 7,there have been a total of 6,300,622 confirmed cases in the U.S., of which 189,208 have died and 2,333,551 have recovered, leaving 3,777,863 active cases.

In the nation, deaths increased by 267 or 0.1% day over day while confirmed cases increased by 24,257 or 0.4% day over day and the active cases increased by 6,434 or 0.2% day over day. The recoveries nationwide increased by 17,556 or 0.8% day over day.

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