A+ grade for safety in Paoli

So far so good in Pug land as the first few days for in-person classes during a virus pandemic have gone well in Paoli.

School Superintendent David Morris gives all the credit to local parents and students for working together to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Since schools in Paoli opened for a new year on Aug. 12 the superintendent says everyone seems to be pulling together to make the in-person school work despite the pandemic.

“If I have one thing I would say to the community it would be thank you for all the support and understanding,” Morris said.

“So far everybody has been very compliant and worked with us well to try and keep things safe. The kids have been receptive to washing their hands and staying safe.

“We’re disinfecting before school, in the middle of the day and after the school. We’re constantly disinfecting to keep things safe.

“I just pray things go OK for the whole school year.”

From the start it’s been up to the parents to choose whether or not their kids wore masks when at school, while all Paoli teachers and staff use face coverings or shields when around others during the school day.

“We’ve given them two choices – come to school or stay at home. About 10 percent decided to stay at home.

“We’re not allowing any visitors past the front offices. Temperatures are checked at each door and before students board a bus. If there’s any change in temperature those parents are notified immediately.”

Morris believes a big factor helping the cause is the fact Paoli is a small district allowing everyone to work together to try and keep in-person school as safe as possible.

“I think it helps being a smaller district,” he said. “Everybody knows each other and we all work together to make this work.

“Maybe the best thing to come out of this is parents and kids have worked with us so well and understand the need for better hygiene.

“My concern is when we start playing contact sports and play against other teams.”

Concerns from opponents have already led to a couple of softball games being called off, while the Pug football team held a scrimmage last week with a home opener to the season set for this Friday night.

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