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Now that the football season has kicked off an effort is underway to get the community involved in the online broadcasts of Panther games.

With the days of games being heard on the radio now gone for Panther fans, the way to hear PV football and basketball games as they happen come by way of an online link.

To help pay for the expenses of broadcasting the games, sponsors are now sought to chip in and help.

Kirk Moore, athletic director at PV High School, says this second year of the live streaming of football and basketball games looks to be more stable leading to the idea of seeking out sponsors.

“Last year we started the live streaming of the games,” Moore said.

“Since we lost the radio station we had to get another way since there’s so many people that like to listen to the games.”

When Moore says streaming he means the audio portion just like from the radio days of Panther sports.

Anyone with access to the internet can listen by going to the local school’s website, look for the athletic page and go to the link for the game’s audio.

“This is the first year that we’re selling advertisements. Last year we were not sure how well it would work,” Moore adds.

“At first it was hard to find, but once we got the bugs ironed out and people could find it, it worked well.”

The media relations class at PVHS, under the direction of Fawn Riddle, is involved in the process, along with Tony Malaska, “The Voice of the Panthers” for more than three decades.

The way it works is local businesses signing up will be mentioned as a sponsor of the Panther games during the online broadcasts.

The number of times mentioned will be dependent on the number of businesses signing up to be sponsors.

GameTime sponsors will automatically be added to this program at no extra cost.

For $100, less than $1.75 per game, a sponsorship will be mentioned at each event.

For $200, about $3.33 per game, there will be a scripted 5- to 7-second mini commercial as these sponsors can even help with the message broadcasted.

All of this includes sponsor mentions for each of the remaining Panther games this season, along with about 50 different basketball games for both the boys and girls teams.

“Everyone will get mentioned in every game as a sponsor. We’re selling sponsorships because this helps us offset the expenses,” he said, adding that includes the pay Malaska receives for calling all the home and away games.

To find out more about being s sponsor call Kirk Moore at 405-207-6717 or email him at kmoore@paulsvalley.k12.ok.us.

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