A prison sentence for one and a competency exam for the other as a Stratford couple facing a long list of sexual abuse charges recently had their days in court.

Kyle William Holman, 37, and Amanda Stowers, 36, have both been facing multiple felony charges since early May with allegations centering on the abuse of two boys.

Holman was the first to step up as he accepted a plea deal that includes a life term with all but 22 years suspended for the majority of the dozen charges filed against him.

All the prison sentences given to Holman are to run concurrent to each other as Holman offered a no contest plea during a hearing last week in Garvin County District Court.

The charges filed against Holman include child sexual abuse, rape, assault, committing lewd act with a child and even possession of methamphetamine.

The six felony counts against Stowers will wait for now as a Garvin County judge agreed with her court-appointed attorney a professional would first need to exam her competency before the criminal case could move forward.

It was a brief hearing in a Pauls Valley courtroom back on July 2 when the order was given for Stowers to receive a competency examination.

It came at the request of attorney Phillip Morton, who stated some of his reasons in a document filed in the case.

“The defendant does not know the difference between right and wrong and is unable to understand the nature of the charges,” he said, adding it doesn't appear right now that she's capable of assisting with her defense.

“The defendant is unable to communicate facts or circumstances regarding the charges to (her) attorney.

“The defendant demonstrates a high degree of confusion regarding a variety of matters. She has minimal verbal responses beyond one- and two-word answers.”

Stowers is even described as having a “possible developmental disability.”

Before the recent order Stowers was being held in Garvin County jail on a $1 million bond for the six charges she faces, which include child sexual abuse and enabling child abuse.

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