The giving spirit of the season was out in full force Tuesday for a couple of holiday school bond elections in the area that got the full support of voters.

With both receiving more than the required 60 percent, voters in Wynnewood and Paoli said yes to bond issues meant to address a list of needs in their respective school districts.

The issue in Paoli received the approval of voters there in a very big way, while the vote in Wynnewood was much closer but still good enough to make school officials feel a little jollier during this holiday season.

On the Paoli ballot was a five-year, two-part bond issue totaling $400,000 focused on a variety of intended improvements.

In the Wynnewood district was a five-year $600,000 issue dedicated entirely to transportation.

For the Paoli issue the specific part receiving the largest support was one calling for $150,000 to go toward the acquisition of two brand new 53-passenger school buses.

That proposition was approved by 77 of the 87 voters casting ballots, which measures out to 88.51 percent.

Solid support was also given to another part of the overall bond issue that had a longer list of projects earmarked at a price tag of $250,000.

Support for this portion of the issue came by a 73-15 count (82.95 percent).

The specifics of the proposition call for $120,000 to go toward a repair of roofs covering the cafeteria, gym and high school buildings; $60,000 for an addition to the district’s bus barn; $45,000 for new computers; and $25,000 for improved security on Paoli’s school campus.

The approved bond issue is expected to increase property taxes in the Paoli School District by $26.82 for every $100 in taxes currently paid.

The vote was much closer in Wynnewood as voters there responded with 62.24 percent support.

The measure was approved by a 272-165 vote.

All of Wynnewood’s bond issue is focused on helping to upgrade the school district’s bus fleet.

Those bond funds are earmarked for the purchase of six new 65-passenger route buses, a larger activity bus holding up to 84 passengers and a smaller 29-passenger activity bus.

The now approved bond issue is expected to raise property taxes in the Wynnewood district by $5.98 for every $100 in taxes now paid.

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