Another raid nets illegal drug site

This was just one of many scenes of marijuana being grown inside one of two facilities near Wynnewood. Garvin County and state officials leading a raid last week say the grow operation was illegal because it didn't have all the required licenses.

Yet another raid of an illegal marijuana operation in Garvin County is showing that some are willing to bend the rules and not do the cultivation process the right way.

It came nearly a week ago on June 3 as county sheriff’s deputies and agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics found thousands of marijuana plants being grown illegally at a site west of Wynnewood.

Sheriff Jim Mullett says a compliance check conducted by OBN showed the operation didn’t appear to be fully licensed leading to a warrant to search the property.

“During previous investigations that led us to several locations, this was one of those locations,” Mullett said.

“We saw some things that told us there was a grow operation going on without the proper licenses. We found that it was an illegal grow operation.”

During the search officers from both agencies found there were two facilities at the one site with a whole bunch of marijuana plants being grown indoors.

“In them we found a combined over 7,100 mature plants. We also found over 100 pounds of finished product ready to be distributed,” he said.

“All of this was under the guise of a legal grow operation.”

One arrest was made as Heng Long Ling, 24, was taken into custody on a complaint of trafficking a controlled dangerous substance.

Much like past busts the illegal marijuana plants were destroyed with the help of the Garvin County commissioners, the sheriff said.

Mullett says operations like this one will continue to be illegal if they don’t have each and every license required go grow marijuana.

“I’m not against the cultivation of marijuana for medical reasons,” he said.

“But I say if you’re going to do it, do it right.”

According to the sheriff, that includes the first step of filling out a compliance checklist, which is basically just a way for an operation to agreed to comply with all the legal steps required.

Also needed are license through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority and the OBN.

“The ONB license is for the actual operation of legally cultivating marijuana.”

Also required is a tax stamp, which allows for the taxation of the marijuana sold from legal grow operations.

“That tax stamp is basically just to make sure they’re not tax evading,” Mullett adds.

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