Law enforcement officials in Elmore City, and possibly all of Garvin County and beyond, are on high alert after a scam successfully targeted a senior citizen there.

Posing as workers with a utility company, two male subjects used their phony story to steal around $200 from the Elmore City woman earlier this week.

This single incident now has authorities wanting to not only catch the thieves but also get the word of caution out to the public so other seniors won’t fall victim to similar scams in the future.

“This is a scam that preys on the elderly,” Elmore City Police Chief Tony Johnston said.

According to Johnston, the incident took place Monday when one of the two subjects approached the Elmore City residence while the other remained outside.

In this particular instance the subject’s selling point was convincing the senior citizen that he could help her get the grant funds to pay for some home renovations.

“He told her that government money was available to upgrade her heating and air conditioning system,” Johnston said.

“He then wanted to take some measurements. While measuring around in the house he took the money from her purse.”

At one point during the exchange the resident apparently became suspicious when the male subject started asking questions about her Social Security payments and how she received them.

“She got a little suspicious at that point, but it was too late by then,” Johnston said about the stolen money.

The only description of the two subjects is they were white males.

Authorities do know the suspects were driving a black sports car when they left the Elmore City area.

Once the incident was reported a statewide “Be On The Lookout” alert was issued statewide by local police.

“This is a top priority for us,” Johnston said, referring to locating and arresting the two suspects responsible for this tricky theft.

The incident also made Johnston realize senior citizens in the general area likely needed a warning or at least a refresher course in avoiding this type of scam.

With that in mind, the police chief will give a talk during a weekly gospel singing today at Elmore City’s senior center.

“I’m going to give a presentation on what happened and what steps they can take to avoid this type of thing for them and their loved ones,” he said.

“The first thing is I suggest they not let them in their house.”

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