Armed robber goes for beer, smokes

Michael Shane Nanney

A beer and some smokes is all a Pauls Valley man stole when he pointed a gun directly at a store clerk and walked out with the items over the weekend.

In was in the early morning hours of Sunday, Dec. 22 when Michael Shane Nanney, 46, used a .22 caliber revolver to first threaten a clerk at the EZ Mart store, 800 East Grant, and then walk out without paying for one can of beer and two packs of cigarettes.

Local police were quick to track Nanney down and take him into custody because they know exactly who he is based on past cases.

PV Police Chief Mitch McGill said although the store's surveillance video has no audio capabilities it still shows exactly what happened.

“He walks up and puts the items on the counter, the clerk asks how he's going to pay for it and he brandished the weapon,” McGill said the day after the robbery.

“Then he just walks out of the store.”

The chief is quick to add the value of the items stolen were just over $18, while the long-barrel handgun Nanney used was reported stolen out of Pontotoc County.

After leaving the store Nanney is believed to have ridden a bicycle to a local residence he shares with a family member. He apparently stays in a small backyard shed at that site.

Not long after the robbery, which took place around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning, local police officers had no problem identifying Nanney as the suspect after they saw the store's video.

“He was known to the police officers because they're dealt with him several times before,” McGill adds.

“Later we recovered all the evidence when we did a search of his residence. Items taken from the store were among the things found.”

Nanney was arrested at the local house as two felony charges were filed Monday in Garvin County District Court.

One is for robbery with a weapon, while another was for the two live rounds of .22 caliber ammunition found on Nanney when he was booked into the county jail here.

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