There still seems to be more questions than answers as a Wynnewood assault case with the local newspaper right in the middle now looks to be officially over.

This week's holiday break ended with the formal criminal charges against Shannon Kile, 50, being dismissed.

For the past year and a half Kile has faced the charges accusing him of using his vehicle to assault Cindy and Mark Lewis as they drove a golf cart on a Wynnewood street.

The Lewis' now own the Wynnewood Gazette newspaper, while Kile formerly worked there as a reporter.

Few details are available as to why prosecutors in the Garvin County District Attorney's office filed a document Thursday, Jan. 2 dismissing the formal charges against Kile “without prejudice.”

The call wasn't his but Wynnewood Police Chief Ken Moore believes all the exchanges between the defendant and victims since the incident drawing the charges could have played a part.

“I think the charges were dismissed because the credibility of the victims was compromised,” Moore tells the PV Democrat, adding his department is not involved with what criminal charges are filed or dismissed in Garvin County District Court.

The actual charges were assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and failure to remain at the scene of an injury collision. A jury trial in the case had been scheduled in April.

From the beginning both sides denied any wrongdoing in the June 16, 2018 incident as the Lewis' claimed Kile was attempting to kill them, while Kile has said it was just an accident with no bad intentions.

After the incident the Lewis' told authorities they were attempting to drive their golf cart around Kile's vehicle when the cart was struck and pushed nearly 100 feet down the street before it crashed into a tree.

Kile claimed the cart first went between his vehicle and property, where the two made contact and got locked together, which is why Kile said he first accelerated before braking to get them apart.

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