Audition call is out one more time

Auditions come this week for the Pauls Valley Arts Council Theater production of “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” in December.

Audition call number two is now out there for the second-go-around of a Pauls Valley theater group this season.

It’s a flash to the past for a play planned by the Pauls Valley Arts Council Theater group, also known as ACT, for the upcoming holiday season.

To make that happen a number of cast members are needed as a one-time audition is scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10 at the PV Arts and Cultural Center at the corner of Paul and Walnut.

Again stepping in as director is Renee Mackey-Myler.

“This will be the second production of four we’ll have this season,” she said, adding the season runs through next summer.

The first back in August was the well received comedy “Dearly Departed.”

Next up is the holiday classic “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus,” which will have a couple of shows early in December.

“It will be done in the style of a 1930s radio show. The neat thing about it, it’s just one set – a radio station back in that time.”

She’s quick to add anyone interested in auditioning should contact her first by email at

“People need to contact me first so I can send them more information,” Mackey-Myler says.

“I don’t take cold auditions, so people need to contact me.”

Mackey-Myler tells the PV Democrat she wanted to direct the first few productions, four in all, for ACT’s return to the live stage in the hope of providing some stability.

Live productions were a big part of the local arts council’s start more than a decade ago, but are only now returning after a time away.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but I eat, drink and breath this stuff. I love it.”

It’s also Mackey-Myler who has assumed the role of deciding which shows will take to the stage for ACT’s first season.

“I think of things that will appeal to our community,” she said.

“With the first one I wanted something very funny and it was. With this next one I wanted something kids and adults will enjoy.”

Since this second show comes in December she chose a holiday favorite.

The third production is planned for March as junior high and high school students will make up the entire case for a superhero story.

“It’ll be a play about Thor and Loki for that age group. They’re brothers and it’ll be a back and forth for the two trying to get the attention of their parents.

“In June we’ll culminate the season with the big musical 'Mamma Mia.'”

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