Ayres claims win, second term

Gary Ayres

In the closest thing to a local race Tuesday voters in one Garvin County district made their choice to give their commissioner one more term.

Results were fairly close but it was Gary Ayres who earned a second term in office as the county commissioner for District 2.

Ayres, a Republican, was going up against Democrat David Kennedy as the incumbent enjoyed solid support as election results rolled in Tuesday night.

“I appreciate everybody for turning out and voting with what everybody is going through,” Ayres said, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I got good support four years ago and appreciate the same kind of support for this one.

“I was very confident coming into the election, and we had good results from everybody we talked with.”

Now that Ayres has the win he plans to keep moving forward with a similar approach he’s over the last four years of his first term.

“We’ve got more road work and buying new equipment and keep doing what we’ve been doing.”

Early voting got Ayres off to a fast start as he collected 57.6 percent of the absentee ballots with a 538-395 count.

The numbers went up from there as Ayres had over 61 percent (1,281 to 804 votes) after half of the precincts in District 2 had reported results.

That lead jumped up to 63.7 percent for Ayres when two-thirds of the six precincts reported in totals. The vote count at that point was 1,664 to 946 in Ayres’ favor.

Ayres’ lead remained solid the rest of the way as he got a comfortable win and a second term in the commissioner’s office.

He finished with 60.6 percent of the vote and a 2,244-1,456 edge over Kennedy.

On the far western side of the county it was the Republican candidate, Jessica Garvin, who jumped out to the early lead in the race for the District 43 State Senate seat.

This past summer Garvin defeated incumbent Paul Scott, and with Tuesday’s election she went up against Democrat Terri Reimer.

With Tuesday’s early voting Garvin jumped to a 117-29 lead and 80 percent of the absentee ballots cast in Garvin County.

In this county Garvin finished with 89 percent of the vote, while with 41 of 54 precincts reporting totals she held 80.4 percent support for the entire district.

Final county totals for all the races, including the one for president of the United States, will come later in the PV Democrat.

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