Ayres says lots there for first term

Gary Ayres

Having an experienced staff that gets the job done and saving taxpayer money while upgrading equipment is what Gary Ayres believes makes him the best choice for a new term as a Garvin County commissioner.

Ayres also points to his own experience in the office as he's seeking a second four-year term in the District 2 post.

He goes up against a familiar face in the Nov. 3 general election as Ayres once served as the road foreman for David Kennedy, who is challenging him for the job.

“I'll have 20 years this November of county experience with 16 years on a road crew for District 2 and the last four as the county commissioner,” Ayres tells the PV Democrat.

“I'm proud looking back to see the accomplishments during my term. We have chip and sealed approximately 25 miles of county roads over the last four years.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working for the citizens of District 2.”

Ayres say it wasn't easy but a big accomplishment has been getting roads improved while also being efficient with taxpayer money by paying for new equipment up front.

“We have saved a lot of money when we bought equipment and did not have to finance it. We've stretched out our dollars that way.”

One specific example is saving up to pay more than $280,000 for a road grader without financing. Ayres said it resulted in $40,000 in savings.

Throughout the entire term Ayres says about $1.2 million has been spent to acquire new equipment. All but $175,000 was “paid for and not financed.”

“I'm most proud of the savings and the road construction during my term,” he said.

“I think we can accomplish as much if not more over the next four years because of the new equipment.”

Ayres gives a lot of credit to his staff, including Scott Martin, who's served as his road foreman, and all the members of his road crew, both the experience of those with several years under their belt and others who are much newer.

“I want to thank my road foreman,” he said. “What a job he's done. He's made my life less stressful by getting the job done.”

His thanks also goes to the District 2 secretary, Carolyn Belair, and the two ladies working in the commissioner's office in the county courthouse, Rhonda Moseley and Angela Curlee. “I also want to thank them for what they do.”

With nearly a full term under this belt Ayres now knows there's much more to being a county commissioner than just road construction and maintenance.

Commissioners oversee the county courthouse building and other county facilities like the fairgrounds and county 911 and work with all the other county officials.

During Ayres' term commissioners have had to appoint a new county sheriff, county assessor and court clerk.

“I'm ready for the election to be over and start looking forward to four more years.”

The Nov. 3 election is for voters in District 2, which includes parts of central, southern and southwestern Garvin County.

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