A six-figure bond has been given to an Edmond man accused of assaulting a woman before stealing her vehicle near Wynnewood.

Now Quintin Cavnar, 34, is facing three criminal charges that include robbery and kidnapping filed in Garvin County District Court after the alleged act on Nov. 16.

A court document shows it started with the call of suspicious vehicles, which later went to a woman’s claim she had been assaulted by an armed man who then took her vehicle.

County deputies responding were told by the woman she had helped her childhood friend, Cavnar, get accepted into a drug rehabilitation facility in Texas.

She claims to have paid for Cavnar, to stay in a hotel in far southern Oklahoma from Nov. 11 through the weekend.

According to a court affidavit, hotel officials contacted the woman about Cavnar leaving the room “destroyed.”

The woman claims to have gone to the hotel to retrieve any items left by Cavnar and make arrangements to pay for the damages.

After loading up the items in her Jeep the woman says she was outside of the vehicle in a nearby parking lot when Cavnar walked up from behind and aggressively ordered her into the vehicle.

She told authorities he then forced her to drive away from a casino at the site.

Deputies report being told as they were driving Cavnar began striking the woman before climbing across the front seat and top of her while threatening to kill her. The woman said Cavnar hit her in the face, neck, arms and chest.

At some point the woman claims she got the vehicle door open and was pushed out of the moving Jeep by Cavnar’s weight.

She claims to have seen what she believed was a pistol in Cavnar’s sock line, according to the filed document.

Fearing for her life the woman said she ran into the woods to escape Cavnar before reporting the incident.

The Jeep was later recovered as Cavnar was found hiding in some tall grass near the vehicle.

During Cavnar’s initial court appearance on the charges he was given a $100,000 bond. His next court date is now set in December.


A motorist driving a few miles over the speed limit is now facing a felony drug charge after a traffic stop in Maysville late last week.

A total of 187 marijuana plants were found in a van driven by Yong Qiu Chen, 50.

The discovery came on Friday, Nov. 19 when a Maysville police officer pulled over a van driven by Chen.

He claimed to be transporting baby trees but couldn't produce any license for allowing for the act.

Chen told officers a female passenger in the van had paid him to drive them to Atoka. The woman was released because of a medical condition.

More than $3,000 in cash was found in Chen's possession as he's now facing a formal charge of cultivating a controlled substance.

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