It was anything but a routine traffic stop near Pauls Valley as a whole lot of illegal drugs was found inside the pulled over vehicle.

In fact, the amount of liquid methamphetamine found in the vehicle driven by Kristnadevy Mendoza-Zambrano, 22, was off the charts.

Authorities say it was way more than typically seen as the meth was found in 11 containers made to hold anti-freeze.

In each container was about 17 pounds of liquid meth, which when totaled came to around 187 pounds of the drug.

To put that into perspective, officials say it takes at least 450 grams of meth for a felony charge to fall into the aggravated trafficking category. In this case it's well over 480,000 grams.

A court affidavit shows an officer with an area drug task force stopped the red Ford driven by Mendoza-Zambrano on March 7 for making in improper lane change without signaling while traveling on Interstate 35.

An officer reported Mendoza-Zambrano appeared “overly nervous” during the stop a few miles north of PV.

After a K-9 dog alerted on the vehicle a search resulted in officers finding the large amount of liquid meth, which when unchecked is typically converted into crystal meth.

Mendoza-Zambrano was given the single aggravated trafficking felony and a $250,000 bond after Garvin County prosecutors requested that total be $1 million.

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