It’s not a macho thing for these guys as a Pauls Valley church is planning to soon hold a conference just for men.

Instead, it’s more about a message of inspiration as the two-day gathering at The House looks to be focused on teaching the guys about being better men – not just for themselves but also their families and the communities where they live.

The excitement couldn’t be contained for Jamell Williams when he talks about the conference next weekend with boldness at the center of the overall message.

“The whole conference is to break down what the world says is boldness and what God says is boldness,” Williams tells the PV Democrat.

“This is open to everyone, believers and non-believers. This is about men coming together to be together and learn to be better fathers, leaders and husbands.”

The conference is scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15 and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 16 at The House, which is located just southwest of Pauls Valley off of Airline Road.

“When we’re a kid we’re taught to be emotionless and that hinders us,” he says. “As men it’s OK to explore our emotions and let others help us.

“There are unspoken struggles of men. We try to mask what we’re facing. We try to show people we’re tough. Maybe we mask it by how busy we get or whatever it is.

“We want to equip men to give them the tools to take back to their families, churches and communities. We want men to take what they learn from this conference and apply them to everyday life.”

The featured speakers for the conference are George Shafer and Nick Waters.

Williams and Mike Dyson are also scheduled to lead breakout sessions at the event.

There is a cost, $30 in all, which includes what’s expected to be some powerful messages, full meals and a few extras, such as a “cool” T-shirt and a “swag” bag.

Williams’ chat ends with a message about the Biblical figure Moses.

“He had to learn to hide. He was suffering inside and when he was at the burning bush he was ashamed. Like us we encounter things in our lives and we try to bury it,” Williams said.

“He was called to bring all his gifts up. We can learn to do the same thing.

“Bring your families in, grow with them. We think we can do it ourselves, that we can do it without any help.”

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