Charges come after gunshot finds baby

An accidental shooting, a young baby being struck by the bullet and now the youngster's father is facing a couple of criminal charges.

Larry Hirrill Jr., 29, now faces a couple of firearm related counts filed earlier this week after the recent shooting that resulted in his eight-month-old baby being struck in the left arm while in a child seat in a parked vehicle.

Hirrill later told authorities it was during a child custody exchange at a travel store on Airline Road in south Pauls Valley when he spotted what he believed to be a car following them on Thursday evening, Aug. 24.

With Hirrill in one vehicle and a family member in a second, an affidavit filed in Garvin County District Court shows he said the third car was still following them as they left and turned onto South Indian Meridian Road before pulling into and parking at a building housing a Chickasaw Nation nutrition program.

Hirrill said he walked up to his mother's car and was doing something with the blankets in the back seat when the gun surprised him by accidentally firing.

“Larry states he was mad when he reached in the back seat to retrieve the blanket,” county deputies said in a filed report.

Hirrill did say he was upset about a vehicle he believed was following them. He also claimed he would not intentionally have a gun in the car with his baby and had no idea how the firearm got there.

Another person at the scene claimed to believe Hirrill was retrieving the gun to confront the people in the vehicle he believed was following them.

Officials from the Garvin County Sheriff's Office said last week they believe Hirrill had a gun in his hand as it accidentally fired when he moved it in the back seat area.

The shot went from the driver's side back seat to the passenger's side front seat where it struck the baby as the bullet passed through an arm and the vehicle's door frame.

Later the soccer fields of the Pauls Valley Sports Complex were used to land a helicopter as the child was airlifted to an Oklahoma City hospital.

The baby was treated and reported to be doing OK later after being taken to another location.

The felony count filed against Hirrill was on the allegation he was in possession of a firearm after a 2017 conviction coming in Garvin County.

Also filed was a misdemeanor count of reckless handling for a firearm.

During his court appearance on the charges Hirrill, who pleaded not guilty, was released after posting a $4,500 bond. State prosecutors asked for that bond to be $50,000.

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